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Enlightenment Is Your Natural State

Your thoughts are the only thing stopping you from having the life you want.

Sandra and Daniel Biskind are internationally known for their one-of-a-kind experiential presentations that inspire, empower and enlighten their audiences. Together they offer a unique combination of business accomplishment, transformational leadership and soul enrichment that is truly life changing!



“Sandra and Daniel are profound healers, trainers, speakers and authors who do some quite amazing transformational work.”

Jack Canfield

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Are you stuck in patterns that are interrupting your life? Are you ready for a breakthrough – to be 100% free to fulfill your potential?

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If you are ready to finally break the codes that keep you stuck in patterns that block your happiness then you are ready to read the books in The CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series.

Sandra and Daniel Biskind have burst onto the literary “success and happiness” scene like a comet entering the human mind. They share their personal transformation stories and the tools and techniques that facilitate a series of shifts made sustainable through Divine transformation and Quantum Neutrality.

Collect the groundbreaking and sometimes controversial books in The CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series!

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“Sandra and Daniel Biskind are world leaders in teaching us to neutralize our emotional triggers…allowing us to discover the hidden triggers that rule our lives–and to disconnect their powerful impact! These extraordinary spiritual/personal growth leaders have nailed the formula that allows us to remove all the stressors that stand in the way of great peacefulness and resourcefulness. Once firmly established in “neutrality,” then everything else is attainable—financial success, vibrant relationships, health, a life of purposeful meaning and more. They guide us there with their love and their gift of wisdom. Can’t wait for their next book CODEBREAKER!”

Jackie Lapin

“Peace is your natural state when you are
fully connected to the light of your True Self.”

Sandra and Daniel Biskind


Jack Canfield interviews Sandra and Daniel.  They invite you to join them in discovering the password to unlock the best version of you.


Real leaders make others feel better in your presence and have them stay that way in your absence.


Take the Brakes Off Your Brilliance!

Hi Dear One, Sandra was invited to participate in a summit a few days ago and the first question she was asked was, “What is the #1 unconscious program stopping people from having the life [...]

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