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RESET Into Freedom

A FREE Gift of Love

Dissolve Your Blocks to Love Well Being and Abundance!

Sandra and Daniel Biskind have spent the past 40 years incorporating ancient and modern day accelerated enlightenment practices to help high level, conscious beings achieve previously inconceivable levels of success, happiness and prosperity.

If you’re feeling even a touch of overwhelm, or you are feeling like you don’t have what you want in your life – and are unsure how to get it…

…you’re invited to participate in our global “Reset Into Freedom” 3 part FREE on-demand Teleseminar series.  This is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!

Conventional coaching is great for beginners but will not get the high level results you’re looking for! Our clients are operating at a different vibrational frequency. This isn’t about more learning, it’s about the unconscious mindset around what is letting you down, holding you back. It’s about the need for a vibrational shift, a frequency shift, an energetic upgrade…. 

Please accept this FREE gift of love from us to you!




Embody 3 Spiritual Laws to Have More Impact & Income Without More Business Training 

Sandra and Daniel Biskind have helped thousands of people to experience the shift into being more successful and more able to positively impact others, as they effortlessly tap into the higher frequency of enlightenment and wholeness.

It all begins when you change your thoughts and raise your frequency. Once free from the unconscious thoughts that act as blocks in your love life, your work, your health, and wellbeing… you have the ability to live with meaning and purpose as the best version of you…and success is assured!

May 9th – Orange County
Island Hotel – Newport Beach
690 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660

May 11th – San Diego
Crowne Plaza San Diego
2270 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, CA 92108

May 23rd – Marina del Rey
Hotel MdR Marina del Rey
13480 Maxella Avenue
Marina del Rey, CA 92108

Time: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Investment: $35 USD
LIMITED SEATING: Book early to avoid missing out on this life-changing event

Events Banner1Activate Enlightenment: A PLATINUM Being Experience

LIVE EVENT: Radically Transform Your Life in 3 Days

Reprogram Your Thoughts. Recode Your DNA. Activate Enlightened States of Consciousness and Access Your Greater Human Potential for LOVE, WELL-BEING & ABUNDANCE

Scientists tell us we are energy and energy has a frequency! The key to mastering success in a rapidly changing world is to upgrade your frequency. Our new environment requires a new frequency — and a new paradigm, and to get that requires inner work. Having worked with thousands of people around the world, we realized it was time to demystify enlightenment. Combining the concept of enlightenment with wholeness and grounding them in these attributes of your True Self – Peace, Love, Awareness, Trust, Integrity, Neutrality, Unity and Mindfulness — suddenly makes enlightenment much more accessible for our day and age. And these high-frequency attributes spell PLATINUM, the name we’ve given to the frequency of enlightenment and wholeness.

3 Day Live Workshop: Full Immersion Live Event into the new high frequency of PLATINUM

June 23-25 – Marina del Rey, CA
Hotel MdR
13480 Maxella Avenue
Marina del Rey CA 90292

Time: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm Daily
Investment: $1,997 USD

When you invest in the PLATINUM BEING Experience Live 3 Day Training you will receive access to the PLATINUM BEING Process 10 Module Online Training valued at $2,000 absolutely FREE….enabling you to keep the workshop high and training locked in and, providing a platform for your group to function in a spiritual mastermind for maximum impact!

This will be a small group of people dedicated to living in enlightened and whole states, committed to being free from the unconscious blocks keeping them in life patterns that stop them from having the life they want.

“Amazing weekend – beyond my wildest expectations!
You both opened doors I didn’t even know were shut.”
– Alison Quedley, New Zealand

For more information, please contact Sandra Biskind.


Events Banner 10 module online program

Activate Enlightenment: The PLATINUM BEING Process

10 Module Mastery Online Program

Transform your experience of life to unleash your unlimited potential and abundance from the comfort of your own home.

Here is the transformation you can expect in this PLATINUM BEING 10 Module Training.


  1. Set Up For Success
  2. Peace: Miraculous Health
  3. Love: Infinite Love
  4. Awareness : Ignite Your Intuition
  5. Trust: The Power Of Confidence
  6. Integrity: The Miracle of Wholeness
  7. Neutrality: The Freedom Formula
  8. Unity: Ultimate Insight
  9. Mindfulness: Firing On All Cylinders
  10. Locked and Loaded

Investment: $2,000 USD

When you invest in the PLATINUM BEING Process 10 Module Online Program you will receive access to the PLATINUM BEING Experience Live 3 Day Weekend Training valued at $1,997 absolutely FREE….There is nothing like sitting in the intense spiritual energy of enlightenment and receiving live transmissions and corrections from Sandra and Daniel Biskind – This will enable you to keep the online training locked in and develop deep connections with a high conscious group as you function in a spiritual mastermind for maximum impact!



Teaching and Mentoring Program

This is a 12 month deep dive into your core patterns that sabotage your ability to have the success, health, prosperity and impact you want to have and make in the world.

You will be empowered to integrate and embody all the traits of a PLATINUM Being so you can confidently live as an enlightened being…making your PLATINUM Life sustainable!

The PLATINUM BEING Life Program Includes:

  • 2 in-depth calls per month (recorded and downloadable) which will include Energy Transmissions, Activations, and Corrections;
  • Private Facebook group for members only, and,
  • Two Exclusive VIP days with Sandra and Daniel for PLATINUM BEING Life members only. This will be an unstructured spiritual adventure unique to you and your group.

The PLATINUM BEING Life Program is a prerequisite to do before becoming a Certified PLATINUM BEING Coach and Trainer



Professional Practitioner Training Certification Program

Train to become a Certified Practitioner of the PLATINUM BEING PROCESS


PLATINUM BEING Train the Trainer


Train to become a leader of all the PLATINUM BEING Process Programs – Teach and Train others.

“Sandra Biskind is a Master. In our first session over the phone I could literally ‘feel’ her working inside of me. I could feel my very ‘Being’ being altered. I’m launching something massive into the world and I needed to quickly remove blocks that had been with me for years. Sandra did that with rocket speed. I could feel the tectonic plates I thought were underpinning my negative/limiting beliefs shifting, moving and loosening. I felt energized with a clarity I’ve never felt before. She’s effective, she’s efficient, she’s fast…..and the results in my life since that session have been amazing.”

“Sandra Biskind has a direct connection to deep spiritual wisdom and an uncanny ability to uncover the blind spots and help clear the blockages that keep you from living your best life. I highly recommend the powerful transformational work and books that the Biskinds are bestowing on the world.”

“Through working with Sandra and Daniel I have gained confidence in my ability to live a happy, balanced and fun-filled life and now have the relationship of my dreams!”




Using ground-breaking techniques, spiritual discernment and their ability to tap into the matrix of your soul, Sandra and Daniel remove the effects of past life, inherited and imprinted programs locked into your DNA.

Are you ready to move into living in wholeness and being able to have a greater impact on the lives of those you love and teach?

When you are ready to unlock the hidden reasons why the negative life patterns that do not serve you exist, then you are ready to move into a whole new level of awareness.

As leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners it is important to remove emotional leakage so you can live as the best version of you. You deserve the love relationship of your dreams, and the health and prosperity you have been working toward yet still feels out of reach. Ask yourself if you are ready to be free and if so is it time to work with Sandra and Daniel?

“Sandra and Daniel have an amazing ability to shift energy and remove blocks on very deep levels – I had them work with my entire staff with magical results. Their work is transformational wizardry at its best.”

Events Banner 10 module online program

“Sandra and Daniel Biskind are world leaders in teaching us to neutralize our emotional triggers…allowing us to discover the hidden triggers that rule our lives–and to disconnect their powerful impact! These extraordinary spiritual/personal growth leaders have nailed the formula that allows us to remove all the stressors that stand in the way of great peacefulness and resourcefulness. Once firmly established in “neutrality,” then everything else is attainable—financial success, vibrant relationships, health, a life of purposeful meaning and more. They guide us there with their love and their gift of wisdom.”

You are invited to contact Sandra or Daniel to discuss the possibility of being one of the few private or small group clients they support on a spiritual, emotional, mental and business level.


CODEBREAKER: Unlock The Best Version of You.

If you are serious about fulfilling your mission to live, love and lead as the best version of you this is a must read book for you and your students.

Three years in the writing and lifetimes in the making, CODEBREAKER will act like your spiritual guide and mentor for your soul’s evolutionary journey into enlightenment and wholeness.

“Regardless of where you are on your personal journey toward enlightenment and self-mastery, working with Sandra and Daniel will make real life shifts instantly.”

Events Code Breaker Cover Mar 2017 sml

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Sandra Biskind.

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