Which code are you operating under?

Without exception, everyone operates by one of these two basic codes.

Divine Mind Code: The operating system of ever-expanding love, joy and divinity that expresses itself deep within you as your True Self. It is the code of true reality and is based on love where you are free to grow, change and experience peace and presence.

Ego Mind Code: The operating system of the self image which the ego mind has fabricated where you are held hostage, imprisoned by beliefs. It is the code of false reality, which is based on fear, which is the absence of love.

You choose your codes by default or by design. Your choice of code empowers and uplifts you, or it deepens the rut you find yourself seeking to escape.

Think about your life. Think about your levels of love, success, health… Think about your general outlook on life.

If you are not regularly and consistently experiencing peace, love, and happiness, there’s one simple question that will put you on a path to changing your entire life.

Which code am I operating under?

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Here’s to Your Brilliance, Happiness and Success,

Sandra and Daniel Biskind

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