Image of Sandra and Daniel Biskind  About sandra and daniel“Join us in becoming the best version of you by embodying the key principles of living a PLATINUM Life.”

Sandra and Daniel Biskind’s passion is empower you to become the leader of your own life through enlightenment – through tapping into high states of consciousness. Together they have created and teach how to live your life based on the aspects of your True Self – Peace, Love, Awareness, Trust, Integrity, Neutrality, Unity and Mindfulness – this is called having a PLATINUM state of mind.

Their mission is to help you become 100% free to live your full potential free of the unconscious limiting blocks that sabotage your greatness.

The Biskind’s are internationally known for their powerful transformational techniques that empower you to free yourself from limiting programs, beliefs and habitual thinking to enable you to realize your extraordinary potential and transform your life.

Sandra authored and co-authored several books with Daniel including the three Amazon international #1 best-sellers in The CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series which will empower you to change your thoughts and change your life. PEACE: Power Up Your Life, LOVE: Ignite The Secret To Your Success and AWARENESS: Discover How Life Really Works

“We have created fast and easy systems that reconnects you to your True Self, so you can be 100% present, mindful and aware in your relationships, career and life. In other words, our system helps you become happy, healthy and successful in whatever you do.”

“We have discovered how to break the unconscious codes that sabotage your best intentions and stop you from having the success you deserve.”

“The Ultimate Mind Shift is a process we created that incorporates simple, groundbreaking techniques that get results instantly without having to painfully relive the past. The people we work with experience instantaneous transformation, are free to lean in to their lives 100%, and begin to experience life beyond their wildest dreams.

Going from where you are now to where you want to be is easy and fun.”

Sandra Biskind

Image of Sandra Biskind  About sandra biskindMy first full enlightenment experience happened when I was 18 years old. My right ovary suddenly burst. I rang my mother and told her I knew I was dying. My parents came and took me to the hospital, where the doctor told us I needed immediate surgery.

Most people would feel anxious at this news, and might surrender to feelings of hopelessness and despair. Yet, somehow, in this dark moment I experienced the most euphoric peace and joy. I felt an incredible lightness of being. I realized I was Happy. If it were not for my mother’s crying and pleading, I would have preferred to die.

I woke up in a trashed out body, but with heightened intuition. A few months after that, just before my mother’s 42nd birthday, she died from a routine surgery. Even through the devastation, I had to find the strength to leave school and take over my mum’s fashion business. I became mother to the rest of the family.

It was out of absolute necessity that I had to discover an inner strength and power to not only overcome these debilitating life challenges but to thrive on the roller coaster ride of my life. Still to come were a painful marriage and divorce and the drama and pain of over 30 further surgeries.

By following my intuition and inner guidance I found that power and strength to move forward. By the age of 20 I had successfully helped my father sell the family business, married and had opened my first boutique with my first husband. Twenty-five years later, and many more boutiques, I had an award-winning business and a platform for me to produce and direct huge charity events and seminars for women in business.

I became a self-made millionaire by the age of 29 and was able to use these resources to travel the world and work with mentors, coaches, spiritual teachers and leaders of many kinds.

Entrenched in the world of commerce and business, I was dedicated to becoming a more aware, enlightened being. I had learned that life was uncertain, full of pain and pleasure. I wanted to bring more joy and wonder into my life. I wanted a strong, vital body with a strong, creative mind to match. The only thing I could be entirely certain of being in the future was myself. And I wanted that self to be the best version of me I could be.

I started my own weekly meditation circle which I led for over twenty-five years. I opened the Enhanced Life Management Centre for meditation and well being and produced one of the most successful Mind, Body, Spirit weekend festivals in the region. I became a keynote speaker at major events in Australia and New Zealand; produced weekend seminars; wrote books and articles for numerous magazines; and helped thousands of people change their lives.

As a dedicated spiritual teacher, the more I focused on helping others, the more intense and rewarding my own growth, awareness and spirit became. This put me on the path to meeting my life’s partner.

Daniel and I met, married and started what was to become another award-winning business all within six months. We designed, and created Eagles Nest in New Zealand. We built this special place so leaders from every walk of life could be in a super-charged environment to recharge and reactivate their creativity and their connection to a fully optimized spirit.

At the same time we created The HEARTPOWER Process (now known as The Ultimate Mind Shift) a groundbreaking approach to personal transformation that accelerated growth and change in peoples’ lives.

My greatest joy and fulfillment in life is to continue to grow into higher states of consciousness and to have you join me in becoming the best versions of who we are together.

Daniel Biskind

Image of Daniel Biskind  About daniel biskindDaniel Biskind uses his expertise in personal transformation to fulfill his mission — empowering you to set yourself free, transform your lives and become the best version of you.

Since meeting in 1998, Daniel and Sandra created second and third careers together. They designed and created the Eagles Nest resort in New Zealand. Built on a power place it was intentionally designed to amplify the frequency of unconditional love emanating from it.

They were inspired to create Eagle Nest as a venue to do their personal transformation work. In only its second full year it received the highest rating in the Conde Nast Traveller 2008 Gold List of the World’s Top 100 Hotels. The World Luxury Hotel Association awarded it “Global Winner — Luxury Coastal Hotel” in 2010. In 2013 the World Travel Awards named it the World’s Leading Boutique Villa Resort.

Daniel had a 25 year multi-award winning career in large scale mixed use property development in the U.S. He has extensive leadership experience in community, civic, charitable, professional, industry and spiritual organizations.Daniel has mentored and consulted with leaders for over 30 years.

One of his mentors was Lawrence A. Appley, the legendary President and Chairman of the American Management Association over four decades and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Merit. Appley, who discovered Peter Drucker, included a chapter on Daniel in a book on CEO’s he had known in his illustrious career.

Daniel has had a lifelong focus on personal transformation. He has explored numerous expressions of world spirituality in great depth and has had mystical experiences throughout his life. He cites his involvement in the peace, civil rights and women’s liberation movements as early expressions of his mission to empower people to set themselves free. He describes his relationship with Sandra as the most important influence in his ongoing journey.

The benefits of working with Sandra and Daniel

Sandra and Daniel’s clients and students are committed to breaking through to the next level of success in their relationships, health and financial well being. They know that life is a never-ending process of growth, creativity, and fun. In fact, that’s exactly why we are all here: to evolve – and to have fun. However, everyone has encoded information in their DNA and genes that act as blocks to success, to love and to having a strong healthy body.

You know you must put your own oxygen mask on first. And, you know the most important investment you can ever make is enhancing your own wholeness. While direct investment in finance/career, interpersonal relationships, and health/fitness can and should be rewarding, external circumstances can always change unexpectedly. Strengthening your own inner ability to thrive regardless of external circumstances enables you to not just cope with, but conquer challenges– no matter what they may be.

Wholeness involves getting to the real cause of your inner blocks or challenges. The real cause of struggle is hardly ever what you think it is. The good news is you can change the encoded information responsible for feelings of fear, negativity and pain efficiently and effectively using the tools and techniques in the Ultimate Mind Shift.

The Ultimate Mind Shift delivers transformation in nanoseconds. Although it is literally that fast, most people need a little time to process the shift and recognize it.

Sandra and Daniel work in 4 areas of life: Love/relationships; finance/work; health/fitness; and awareness/meaning/purpose. Their mission is to empower you to set yourself free from the unconscious programs and beliefs that cause negativity, pain and stress.

The Ultimate Mind Shift is an individualized approach to personal transformation and success principles that can take you as far, as high, as deep and as fast as you are prepared to progress in the open ended evolution of your soul.

The Biskind Philosophy

The philosophy and practices of The Ultimate Mind Shift are expressions of the perennial wisdom of the world’s major spiritual and religious traditions. It blends Western psychological insights, Eastern spirituality, and universal mystical traditions with groundbreaking transformational scientific technology.

“We’ve sat and studied with saints and sages, gurus, rishis, and enlightened masters on 5 continents for over 8 decades between us. Our transformational resumes would each take pages.

We work with people from every religious and spiritual background and help them strengthen their connection with the God of their own understanding. The trust they place in us is an honor for which we are deeply grateful.

What is most striking is what all the great traditions share in common. And what is most important is creating user-friendly ways to make these timeless principles relevant and usable to contemporary individuals.

Our mission is to empower you to set yourself free from the sticking points to your health and happiness. Of course, that has to begin with you. We invite you to share your journey into wholeness and enlightenment with us as we share ours with you.”

Who are Sandra and Daniel Biskind?

Both Sandra and Daniel discovered their mission to empower people to improve their lives at young ages. Throughout the Biskind’s multi-award-winning careers, the major theme in their lives has been sharing their transformational journeys and experiences. Both have been in a wide variety of high profile leadership roles and feel a special calling for fellow leaders.

They work both as a couple and individually to help clients free themselves from limiting beliefs and find inner strength, joy, and wholeness. Their combination of spiritual and personal gifts, training and experience combined with their international business successes and credentials gives them a unique perspective and capacity to deliver transformation and sustainable change in the people who work with them.

Biskind Projects

Eagles Nest Resort

The Biskinds founded the Eagles Nest resort in 2002, which received the highest rating in the Conde Nast Traveller 2008 Gold List of the World’s Top 100 Hotels. The World Luxury Hotel Association awarded it “Global Winner — Luxury Coastal Hotel” in 2010. In 2013 the World Travel Awards named it the World’s Leading Boutique Villa Resort. The Biskinds sold Eagles Nest in late 2012 to devote themselves to their mission full time.

CODEBREAKER: Discover the Password to Unlock the Best Version of You

Image of Codebreaker Book  About codebreaker

Did you know everyone lives by codes? And that those codes have the power to either uplift you or sabotage you?

CODEBREAKER presents a simple system to identify and delete the codes that cause all of the negative feelings in your life.

It is a proven system that has helped 1000’s around the world. The book cites advanced scientific breakthroughs to create a comfortable conceptual context for the innovative yet user-friendly system.

It is written in a fun, approachable style that entertains and educates as it informs and inspires

The Ultimate Mind Shift

The Ultimate Mind Shift is a systematic approach to personal transformation that identifies the unconscious causes of self-limiting behaviors and self-inflicted negativity. It creates energetic shifts to quickly dissolve these patterns so the client or student is free to realize their extraordinary human potential.

Sandra and Daniel work with a limited number of private clients – highly successful individuals committed to becoming the best versions of themselves.

They teach and train people in the use of their system via written and electronic media and live events. They present their work to organizations in a variety of formats.

Platinum Circles

Image of Platinum Circles Logo  About platinum circles lgPlatinum Circles are small peer groups that meet regularly to support one another’s personal development journey into enlightenment and wholeness.

Using the PLATINUM password, PEACE LOVE AWARENESS TRUST INTEGRITY UNITY and MINDFULNESS and a variety of resources provided by Sandra and Daniel, your circle becomes a spiritual filling station where you can regroup and develop your intuition, give and receive healing and master the art of meditation.

Everyone knows it is easier to evolve and grow in groups than alone. As Jack Canfield said when asked how to keep the high of a retreat in normal life circumstances, “Meditate and create a mastermind group to support each other.” Platinum Circles are the perfect combination of meditation and mastermind for your body, mind and soul.