“Love is more than simply an emotion; it is your essence.  

When you are connected to your True Self it is your energetic state.”

— Sandra Biskind

Do You Love Yourself?

You may love your mother or your father or you may love your family and friends.

You may feel love in return from all of those individuals.  

Or perhaps you’re not as fortunate – many aren’t.

But here’s the big question…do you love yourself?

If there’s any hesitation, no doubt you’ve experienced hurt or pain.

Will you think about that for a moment?

Something happened…a past event triggered an emotion and a resultant decision has created a program that is blocking your connection to being able to love who you are.

On a scale of 0 -10, how much do you love yourself?


The Opposite of Love is Fear

In the state of love you’re empowered to accept yourself fully and completely.

Fear has no place in this equation.  You’re not afraid of anything, you  just love.  

This is an expanded, high frequency place.  

We’ve been to many weddings lately. Every one of the couples were exuding love.

They were in total acceptance of each other — and even all their guests.

In that moment there is nothing their partner could do wrong. They were on such an expanded “Love High” that everything that had happened before that day was forgiven!

Think of love as light (which it really is!).

Without light, there is darkness.

When you’re NOT in a state of love, fear — either consciously or unconsciously —

is blocking love from shining.

Let that sink in for a moment…  


If you’re not in a state of love you have conscious or unconscious fearful thoughts blocking your ability to have and be the love that is your true essence. That leads to all kinds of negative feelings, including resentment, mistrust, and even hatred.  


Living love is not easy on this planet. Fear generates anger, hatred, loneliness and regret.

There is so much fear, hatred and mistrust in our global consciousness…it’s so easy to go into that hatred because it’s natural on this planet.  

Look around you today… in the news… in the political scene… it shows up in so many ways.

Love Is Who You Are

Fear and hatred and mistrust may seem to be everywhere but hate does not have to be in your heart when you know the truth.

The truth is, love is who you are.

We’re not taught that love is who we are.  

When you were little did anyone tell you, “You are love!”?  

When you live the love you are the ego mind has no control over you.

You begin to vibrate at a higher frequency and operate in the divine mind code.

This is when you can access the wisdom of your True Self to embody compassion,

tolerance, patience, kindness and forgiveness— for others and for yourself.

It’s important to become mindful of how you think because every challenge based in fear and every moment of joy based in love happens from what, why and how you think.

WARNING: The ego mind secretly is determined not to lose control over your life — no matter how unhappy you become from lack of real light and true love.

We like to refer to your ego mind as your Ego Puppy.

It’s time to get Ego Puppy under control. Only you can take charge and decide from this point forward to train your ego mind.



Look into your eyes in a mirror each day and, with a heartfelt smile, say,

“I am Love.

Love is who I am.

Love is my essence.”


Repeat it to yourself as often as you can for 67 days —  

that’s how long it takes to break and create a new habit.

Do you have questions?

Are you struggling with this?

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Love always,

Sandra and Daniel


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