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What Did Your Ego Puppy Say?

Hi Dear One,

Is your Ego Puppy good at telling you stories? Very often these stories have devastating results!

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Stories Ego Puppy Loves to Tell

“You’re too old to try and get a better job”

“You’ll never be able to make six figures”

“No one […]

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Your Unconscious Thoughts May Be Blocking Money

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Does it ever feel as though you can’t get ahead financially no matter how hard you try?

It’s the code you’re operating in at any given moment that controls your projections and perceptions.

We each choose our own code and our choice of code is frequently triggered […]

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How to Achieve Financial Freedom

Image of couple driving in convertible.If you truly desire financial freedom, you must break the ego mind’s hold over your life.

In fact, true success in every area of your life… relationships, work, finances and health require ego mind training in the high frequency attributes of integrity and […]

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Creating a Healthier, Happier World…harmonizing with the divine within!

Research has shown that meditation & prayer are proven practices to increase both physical and mental wellness and support a healthier, longer life.

Meditation and prayer are effective antidotes to stress and support your natural self-healing capabilities.

The ego mind perpetuates unhappiness that leads to mental, emotional and […]

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Sit, Stay, Listen and Learn!

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Overwhelm, anxiety, depression, fear… it’s everywhere!

Are you feeling it?

Whenever you operate in the ego mind code, you experience separation… fear… anxiety… overwhelm…

These feelings (or more accurately, low vibrational ‘frequencies’) happen when the energetics of your life is out of alignment with your own personal, spiritual […]

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How to Manifest the Life You Want

Picture of women picking flower

Spring is a time of new growth. That makes it the perfect time to look deep into your own heart and manifest the life you want.

But how? We get asked that question a lot!

Many people share with us that they don’t love what […]

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It’s the first day of spring – ready for a new beginning?

It’s the first day of spring!

Just saying those words can make you feel more positive and optimistic about what comes next.

Image of a field in spring

Spring is a time for new beginnings so remember…

A small shift in your beliefs can create a huge change in your life!

Are […]

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Two steps forward and one step back

Have you ever felt like invisible barriers are holding you back, keeping you in a loop of negative mind chatter and life patterns that do not serve your highest good?

You are not alone.

Many people find themselves in that loop… for every two steps they take forward… they find themselves being pulled one step back

It […]

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A simple question that will change your life

Which code are you operating under?

Without exception, everyone operates by one of these two basic codes.

Divine Mind Code: The operating system of ever-expanding love, joy and divinity that expresses itself deep within you as your True Self. It is the code of true reality and is based […]

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Are you longing to fully experience life?

You are so much more than what your physical senses reveal. You are far more than the mere sum of your automated programs, conditioned thinking, and mindless self-talk.

You are a PLATINUM being and you are perfect.

PLATINUM is the key that unlocks your mind to awaken your consciousness and liberate you from your unconscious personality programs.

The […]

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