Dimensions Of Bliss


The divinely inspired music in Dimensions Of Bliss Volume One and Two was created to attune you to the energy frequency of enlightenment.

What people are saying about Dimensions Of Bliss:

  • “A fantastic tool for meditation — the music meditates you. You don’t even have to try.”
  • “It’s my music of choice — all day everyday. I listen to it no matter what I’m doing.”
  • “The most angelic music I have ever heard!”

Higher consciousness means improved relationships, greater success, better health, freedom from mind chatter, addictions, cravings and the sense of separation.

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Dimensions Of Bliss will help you raise your awareness, deepen your sense of peace, heighten your intuition and promote living a PLATINUM Life.

Music by Kip Mazuy
Bliss Music
PO Box 121 011
Henderson, Auckland
New Zealand