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Money Loves You – Do You Love Money?

Have you ever felt frustrated, guilt, shame or blame and/or find it hard to forgive yourself for decisions you’ve made regarding money? These are low frequency money codes that actually repel money coming to you with grace and ease... Whether you realize it or not, you’ve been in a relationship with money and chances are, you haven’t always treated it very well.

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Do You Know When You’re NOT In the Abundance Code?

Scarcity is a low frequency code hidden deep in your unconscious. It’s fed by your fears and it blocks abundance from entering your life.  This mindset is founded on the belief that if someone else wins, you have to lose. The person with a scarcity mindset often appears to be confident and successful. There are clues, however, that show otherwise.

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Build a Foundation of Abundance

Our inner beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves create boxes that we unintentionally keep ourselves in.  These are the lies told by your ego mind! None of them are real. These are all just low frequency thoughts and beliefs… low frequency codes you’re used to living with that are designed to prevent you from having the very things you want most in life. Try this...

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Have You Made a Karmic Agreement?

Do you ever feel as though you’re missing out… Lacking in love… Low in self confidence… Crushed by guilt and feelings of low self worth… You might be surprised to find that you’re not alone.Are you ready to end this karmic agreement and move forward into a life of abundance?

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Your Journey to Peace Begins Here

Imagine how different this week might be if you could wrap yourself in a white light blanket of peace… A cozy comforter of forgiveness and love enveloping you at every moment… How would that change this week for you? How would that change your entire year?

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