What if you could become the best version of you and love like you have never loved before simply by changing your thoughts?

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I’ve got mine! Have you got yours?

Enlightened Living Now —I’VE GOT MINE! HAVE YOU GOT YOURS? I shot a quick video with “Ready To Look Younger” Host Nicole Brandon sharing an anti-wrinkle tip… …that works! My mother brought a [...]

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Friends With Benefits

This video is episode 2 in my new series called “Enlightened Living with Sandra.” If you’d like to receive notifications as I release each new episode click here and enter your name and email address. [...]

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Black Pepper Does What?

Sandra and Ready to Look Younger Host, Nicole Brandon share this anti aging tip using what you have in your kitchen. Manage pain and inflammation by combining olive oil and turmeric (the magical anti-infmmaoty food) but [...]

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Create Miraculous Shifts In Your Life

Are you seriously wanting to see a change in your life? Most people are! Maybe you’re feeling a bit lonely and wondering how to attract a loving relationship… Perhaps you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed and needing [...]

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In the Absence of Love Only One Thing Remains

If you’re not in a state of love you have conscious or unconscious fearful thoughts blocking your ability to have and be the love that is your true essence.

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The Secret to Finding Happiness

Would you like to experience a life with more love, peace, harmony and abundance in every area of your life? Who wouldn’t, right? If you answered YES… I’m going to share with you the secret to being truly happy.

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