What if you could become the best version of you and love like you have never loved before simply by changing your thoughts?

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DOES a German Scientist hold the key to attracting the Love of Your Life?

In 1952, Winfried Otto Schumann predicted Earth had a powerful energetic field. He was right! We now know Earth has a very specific, measurable energetic frequency. This energetic vibration is now called, the ‘Schumann Resonance’. [...]

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The Miracle That Is Love!

During a recent session, my client felt a shift... a physical release of emotional trauma….it felt like a heavy weight had been lifted. Life was now radiant; the future looked lighter and brighter. I am moved beyond words by the miracles that happen during these sessions.

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Who’s In The Dog House!

“I love you!” Three tiny words that could transform your relationships in such a big way. Is there anyone in your family circle you have not forgiven yet? Although we may want to forgive and [...]

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How Scary is Your Human Disguise?

Contrary to what you may have been told as you were growing up, the truth is we are all magnificent, divine beings of light and energy. Are you wondering what we mean by “your human [...]

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It’s Time To Set Yourself Free!

Are you aware you are a divine being who has been imprisoned by the ego mind’s beliefs and stories? Every challenge based in fear and every moment of joy based in love happens from what, [...]

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Who do you love?

WHAT’S YOUR STORY? Are you ready to be the love that you are? Or, do you keep telling yourself stories that are fabrications and projections? Like so many people who are looking for love and [...]

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