Our inner beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves create boxes that we unintentionally keep ourselves in. 

The ego mind LOVES these beliefs and stories! They keep you small and supposedly keep you safe.

Right now your ego mind has probably convinced you of certain things…are you in any of these boxes?

I’m struggling for money. I’ll never be wealthy.

I can’t find true love. I’m not even worthy of it.

Sandra and Daniel can’t help me. Why do I bother reading their emails? No one can help me.

There’s so much bad in the world. I can’t possibly be happy until things change.

Here’s a little secret for you… those limiting beliefs that keep you in tiny boxes are the lies told by your ego mind! 

None of them are real. These are all just low frequency thoughts and beliefs… low frequency codes you’re used to living with that are designed to prevent you from having the very things you want most in life. They are fear based illusions that sabotage your best intentions.

Here’s the good news.  You are not alone! We all live by codes and when you break one of these fear based codes, you enter a new place that you couldn’t enter before! 

Are you ready to begin breaking these low frequency codes so you can enter a better and more high frequency place?


Start by acknowledging ALL the good in your life. This is the foundation for all abundance.

Sit down and make a list of absolutely every good thing in your life (no matter how small) and give thanks!  

This is how to break out of one of your boxes and begin abundance thinking!

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