Lighten Up! Puppies Are Just Puppies!

Christmas can be a day filled with fun and excitement but it can also be stressful. Here are a few quick tips to help you embrace the Holiday with love!

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Ego Puppy’s Tips To Taking Radical Responsibility for Your Happy Holiday

Taking radical personal responsibility for your own Happy Holiday will have far reaching effects. You’ll feel more relaxed and appreciative of the beauty of the season and so will those you love most.

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Ego Puppy’s Tips to a Stress Free Holiday Season

Let’s start this holiday season off on the right foot. Instead of dreading what’s to come, enjoy the beauty of the season feeling relaxed and happy. Here are 3 things you can do to get started:

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It was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who said,

“Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination

nor both together

go to the making of genius.

Love, love, love,

that is the soul of genius.”

Hi Dear One,

Let’s talk about LOVE!

Love is not an emotion.

It is the most powerful high frequency state in the cosmos.

The basic, fundamental low frequency blocker for […]

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The Highest State of Enlightenment…

…embodies the beingness quality of Unity — of Oneness.

Tomorrow is World Oneness Day: It’s the “U” in the high frequency beingness state of PLATINUM.

If we want a world that works for everyone we have to embrace forgiveness and move away from judgment — which can only separate us.

Let’s talk about Unity so we can connect […]

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Take the Brakes Off Your Brilliance!

Hi Dear One,

Sandra was invited to participate in a summit a few days ago and the first question she was asked was, “What is the #1 unconscious program stopping people from having the life they want?”

The answer was, “Fear of not being good enough. This has shown up in the unconscious of all […]

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I’ve got mine! Have you got yours?

Enlightened Living Now —I’VE GOT MINE! HAVE YOU GOT YOURS?

I shot a quick video with “Ready To Look Younger” Host Nicole Brandon sharing an anti-wrinkle tip…

…that works!

My mother brought a hot pink silk pillow case home over 50 years ago. When I asked her what it was for she just smiled and said […]

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Friends With Benefits

This video is episode 2 in my new series

called “Enlightened Living with Sandra.”

If you’d like to receive notifications as I release

each new episode click here and enter your name and email address.

To your Brilliance!

Love Always

Sandra xxx

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Black Pepper Does What?

Sandra and Ready to Look Younger Host, Nicole Brandon share this anti aging tip using what you have in your kitchen.

Manage pain and inflammation by combining olive oil and turmeric

(the magical anti-infmmaoty food) but don’t forget the secret to this wonder food

is to activate turmeric’s benefits by adding black pepper!


This video is […]

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Create Miraculous Shifts In Your Life

Create Miraculous Shifts In Your Life Sandra head

Are you seriously wanting to see a change in your life?

Most people are!

Maybe you’re feeling a bit lonely and wondering how to attract a loving relationship…

Perhaps you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed and needing to find a better way to thrive each day…

Maybe you’re simply tired of being impacted […]

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