The holidays can be so much be fun!

Trimming the tree, old familiar traditions and the warmth of our family and friends. Those are the holidays… in a perfect world.

But, how many people live in a perfect world?

During this time of year, many are overworked trying to create the perfect holiday.

Shopping, cooking, cleaning, juggling in-laws and traditions that feel never ending… and when the whole thing is over you’re left feeling tired, empty and unappreciated.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s important to remember that when family comes together, stress is often sure to follow.

Let’s put an end to that this year!

Do you know how to enjoy the holiday and remain stress free in your natural state of love?

The key is to take radical responsibility for YOUR OWN happy holiday!

Imagine what an impact that would have on your entire family.

When your spouse or love of your life sees you in a relaxed state of love, imagine what they will feel.

And what about your children and grandchildren? When they see you truly enjoying the season, imagine how much better the holiday will be for them.

Have you ever flown in an airplane and listened as they tell you that in the event of a crash, you should put your own mask on first?

The same principles apply here. If you’re not consciously living in your natural state of love, you can’t help anyone else live in theirs!

Taking radical personal responsibility for your own Happy Holiday will have far reaching effects.

You’ll feel more relaxed and appreciative of the beauty of the season and so will those you love most.

Let’s get started:

Follow the No BJC Rule!

Out of love and enlightened self-interest, to ensure ongoing peace in your life this holiday, you must take full responsibility for training your own little Ego Puppy.

That begins with NO blaming, NO justifying and NO complaining.

When you commit to this, you realize that you are taking radical personal responsibility for your own experience.

This holiday, you have the choice to be happy or not.

Wow! What a powerful thought.

Your Happy Holiday Begins Right Now!

Don’t wait to begin practicing the No BJC rule because every challenge based in resentment and anger and every moment of joy based in love happens from what, why and how you think!

Start following this rule right now.

NO blaming,
NO justifying and
NO complaining.

You’ll immediately begin to feel better!

Happy Holidays!

To Your Brilliance, Happiness and Success

Sandra and Daniel Biskind

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PPS. Please feel free to share Ego Puppy’s tips with your family and friends…their Ego Puppies need all the help they can get too.