Picture of women picking flower

Spring is a time of new growth. That makes it the perfect time to look deep into your own heart and manifest the life you want.

But how? We get asked that question a lot!

Many people share with us that they don’t love what they do or the circumstances they’re in right now. They want to manifest something better.

If you don’t love your job… your level of income… your relationship… the first thing we recommend is to find something you do love!

We call that, “getting on the love code” and it changes your frequency to the degree that things begin to magnetize to you.

So as you start to tell the universe, “Hey! I love this!” then the things you really want start coming to you.

Are you ready? Find something that you do love about what you’re doing right now!

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Make all the things you love known and the things you want will start to happen.

Remember, the thoughts you allow yourself to think are always aligning with more of that. And, If your unconscious mind is full of doubt and not in harmony with your desires then your best intentions will be sabotaged from within…


Lovingly use The 4 Questions revealed in the CODEBREAKER quantum energy system to discover the hidden beliefs as they neutralize the emotional charge and FREE you to truly move in to alignment with your desires – this in one of the fastest ways to get on the love code.


  1. What am I feeling?
  2. What am I focuses on?
  3. What do I want to feel/manifest?
  4. What focus will serve that?

To Your Brilliance, Happiness and Success,

Love Always,

Sandra and Daniel Biskind