Hi Dear One,

The most critical variable in whether or not we experience happiness is not our external circumstances but our internal state — our state of mind. Is someone else carrying the keys to your happiness?

Think about that for a moment…

Our state of mind determines our emotions, which in turn determines whether we respond creatively to external conditions or whether we react in the same old, less than optimal, habitual patterns.

What does that mean?

It means that when you master the art of living in a high frequency state, it becomes harder for others to push your buttons.

You become neutral and stop taking offense to things that would normally drive you crazy and make you react negatively.

As a result… you feel better… happier… more at peace.

As energetic beings we are constantly vibrating at various frequencies.

And, our frequency determines our state and our state determines our frequency.  

So… in order to be happy – to experience peace, love and joy – we must ask, “How can I influence my frequency?”

Once you begin to raise your frequency, it impacts everything!

Your entire mindset begins to change…what a relief.

Everything you experience takes on a new perspective and you react differently to everything around you.

Are you ready to experience more happiness?

Then you are ready for the good news – no one was put on this planet to make us happy – yes!!!

The amount you experience is entirely up to you.


  1. The keys to your happiness lies within you.
  1. Looking to others to make you happy leads to disappointment.
  1. Enlightenment is your ultimate source of happiness – it’s a state of being that is not affected by external circumstances…another word for enlightenment is “neutrality!”
  1. Happiness magnetises success more than success magnetises happiness.
  1. NEVER believe you Ego Puppy…they want you to believe you can give the keys to your happiness away.
  1. As a high frequency divine being, you have the power to move beyond the pain and challenges of the past and forgive yourself and others.

Make the choice to be free to experience happiness in success!

Remember, when you change your frequency, you change your life.

In this video, Sandra shares three strategies to keeping your frequency high.

To your Brilliance, Happiness and Success

Love Always,

Sandra and Daniel