It’s Christmas Eve!

The big day is coming with family, friends, gifts and food… are you ready for it? I mean, really ready for it?

Christmas can be a day filled with fun and excitement but it can also be stressful. Have you been following Ego Puppy’s Tips for a Stress Free Holiday?

Here are a few quick tips to help you embrace the Holiday with love!

Remember, Ego Puppy is just acting up!

When friends or family members push your buttons, just remember:
1. Take a deep breath2. Keep your mouth shut
3. Imagine they are a naughty puppy!

Lighten Up!

Instead of being anxious about the holiday, make the commitment to take radical responsibility for having an amazing day! (link to the radical responsibility post) The choice to be happy is entirely yours!


Puppies will be puppies and although you may be consciously choosing to get your little Ego Puppy under control, there are times when he just doesn’t behave. And there’s simply no controlling the Ego Puppies your family and friends decide to bring to the gathering!

This Hawaiian Prayer to the Divine will bring you into a state of neutrality where forgiveness is complete. If you’re having trouble with anyone in your life say this prayer. This will get you to a place of neutrality and sustainable happiness.

Hawaiian Prayer to the Divine

I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

Have a Happy Holiday and remember… you’ve got this!

Sandra and Daniel Biskind