Do you ever get the feeling that money just doesn’t love you?

If it really loved you, wouldn’t it visit more often?

Wouldn’t it call you every weekend?

Wouldn’t it take you out for a nice dinner every once in a while?

LOL!  Ok, so maybe money shows its love a little differently than a person.

But it does show you it loves you… 

As long as you love it!

So ask yourself – “Do I love money?”

Let’s think about this for a moment.

Is money coming to you from EVERYWHERE?

OR, do you feel uncomfortable when the subject of money comes up.

Have you ever felt frustrated, guilt, shame or blame and/or find it hard to forgive yourself for decisions you’ve made regarding money? These are low frequency money codes that actually repel money coming to you with grace and ease.

When money comes to you, how do you treat it?

Do you get rid of it as fast as it comes in?

Waste it on things that don’t really make you happy…

Loan it to people who don’t really appreciate it or you…

Make bad investments with it…

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve been in a relationship with money and chances are, you haven’t always treated it very well.

Is it any wonder that it doesn’t come around more often?

Most people… even highly successful people… often have unconscious programs running that sabotage their relationship with money. 

Are you ready to dive deeper into your unconscious programs?

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