Peace Is Within Reach

  • Are you feeling unfulfilled?
  • Do you wake up wondering “Why am I here?”
  • Do you ever feel anxious, depressed, unsettled or confused and really can’t figure out why you are feeling that way?

You have come to the right place.

"Peace is your natural state when you are fully connected to the light of your True Self."

Sandra and Daniel Biskind


peace_cover_300 w butSandra and Daniel Biskind have burst onto the “success and happiness” literary scene like a comet entering the human mind. The books in the revolutionary CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series will show you a simple and easy system to transform your life.

What if you could become the very best version of you by simply changing your thoughts?

In PEACE: Power Up You Life, you will discover the secret code that can lead to success and happiness.

Sandra and Daniel Biskind have proven you can change your life by changing your thoughts. They have created the Ultimate Mind Shift Process and reading this series is the first step in achieving the life of your dreams.

Change your thoughts. Change your life. Change your world.

The Biskind’s are internationally known for their powerful transformational techniques that empower people to free themselves from limiting programs, beliefs and habitual thinking to enable them to realize their extraordinary potential and transform their lives. Sandra and Daniel have discovered how to break the unconscious codes that sabotage your best intentions and stop you from having the success you deserve.


Both Sandra and Daniel discovered their mission to empower people to improve their lives at young ages. Throughout the Biskind’s multi-award-winning careers, the major theme in their lives has been sharing their transformational journeys and experiences. Both have been in a wide variety of high profile leadership roles and feel a special calling for fellow leaders.

They work both as a couple and individually to help clients find inner strength, joy, and wholeness. Their combination of transformational gifts, training and experience combined with their international business successes and credentials gives them a unique perspective and capacity to be of service.

Picture of Sandra and Daniel Biskind



From the first time I sat down with them I knew something special and profound was about to happen. Their unconditional love, joy and radiance fills the room. An hour later I left more calm, more centered, more my true self and more creative than I can remember. They are the real deal and I highly recommend them and their work. It is transformational wizardry at its best.

~ Jack Canfield

Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series,The Success Principles and a featured teacher in The Secret.


Picture of Ester Anderson

Everyone who thinks that living the life they dream about  is out of reach, or out of their hands should read this amazing book. In my industry the challenges to remaining in a balanced, peaceful state are non-stop. This book has given me confidence in my ability to stay happy, balanced, and have more fun in life.

Peace is something we can all achieve and practice daily. This book has given me a simple set of easy-to-use tools to consistently achieve inner peace. Its clear “how to’s” have literally empowered me to help myself. I now know how to recognise the part I play when I feel a lack of peace in any area of my life and, most importantly, I now know what I can do about it.

The relationship between forgiveness and inner peace is developed in a profound, original and exciting way. Its clear presentation with user-friendly tools enabled the penny to really drop for me.

I’m now much more mindful of when my ego mind is running the show and I’m feeling unsettled. Reading and digesting this has inspired me and I feel excited to see how my life unfolds with this knew knowledge. I’m already experiencing a greater level of Peace in my life!

Reading this has reminded me of  how life can be if we get out of our our own way. The stories in this book are very relatable, entertaining and insightful.

I want to give this book to all the people I love so they can experience more Peace, too!

~ Esther Anderson

Logie-nominated Australian actress, host and international model

Thank you Sandra and Daniel Biskind for moulding together oceans and ice cream, crime and chocolate cake, death and enlightenment and seemingly a million pieces to the puzzles of life and existence. And through it all, without preaching, showing us how to achieve true peace. After reading PEACE, my expectations were exceeded a few dozen times over. After reading PEACE the third time, I felt enlightened and that I now truly have a better understanding of how life's pieces fit together and how to achieve a more successful and happier life. Yes, the CODE WORD honestly exists and you are the Codebreakers!

I cannot wait for your next book in the CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series.

~ William Bryant

Former Chairman of the Board,
American Chamber of Commerce Executives

Picture of Bill Bryant


THANK YOU Sandra and Daniel for giving me the keys to achieving immediate and sustainable peace in my life! Regardless of where you are on your personal journey toward enlightenment and self mastery, READ THIS BOOK!!! It's a personal transformation life changer!

I have never read such a clear, concise and passionate "how to" on understanding and attaining peace every day life. Your insights, wisdom and techniques provide immediate mind shifts. I am using your tips every day and am amazed by the results. If the question you're asking yourself is peace possible for me? The answer is YES! This book will show you how to remove your Ego Mind Programs and replace the chaos sadness judgement and anxiety with love, forgiveness and Peace. There is peace on earth and it now begins with me!

~ Mary Giuseffi

Author of “Straight Up With A Twist”, Today Show Guest, Personal Brand Consultant and Former Ford Model


Sandra and Daniel Biskind


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