Have you ever met someone who is confident and magnetic? They glow with happiness, peace and energy, achieving success in all they endeavor to accomplish. They seem to have everything! Do you know someone like this?

For so many today, this way of life seems out of their reach.  Anxiety, depression, overwhelm, fear and loneliness abound and humanity has simply become used to it.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Everyone Lives By Codes

The way your mind works – especially the unconscious mind – is responsible for your level of love, well-being and abundance. In other words, the quality of your life and the success or lack of success you experience is dependent on the way you think and the energy frequency you are vibrating at.

Everyone lives by codes and they all break down to two:

  1. Love or the divine mind code
  2. Fear or the ego mind code.

Do You Know Which Code You’re On?

If you are suffering or feeling negativity then you are in the ego mind code. Fear, negativity, pain, anxiety, depression and intolerance are all effects of the ego mind code. We often refer to the ego mind as Ego Puppy.  In order to find true happiness your Ego Puppy must be trained.

The divine mind code is all about love. In the divine mind code, you feel expanded and happy for no particular reason–you’re just happy. You love and appreciate the people in your life and have enormous gratitude.

Happiness Is A Choice You Make

You have the power to change your code and choose happiness. You have the power to choose love instead of anger or fear.

How? By activating the master password.  PLATINUM is the master password that unlocks success on all levels of your life. It represents the aspects of your True Self of Peace, Love, Awareness, Trust, Integrity, Neutrality, Unity and Mindfulness.

Once you revert to your PLATINUM state of mind and take radical responsibility for all that happens in your life, it will realign you with what is important and real. It will realign you with insight, inspiration and integrity and empower you to choose your own thoughts, feelings, attitudes and actions.

Let’s get started. It’s time to command your Ego Puppy to, “Sit and stay, listen and learn!”

Get On The Right Code

You can use these tools to help you get on the right code and begin training Ego Puppy to the life you want.

Your happiness right now is the result of both your frequency and your programs. Use these exercises to work on both.

Start by asking yourself these 4 questions:

  1. What am I feeling?
  2. What am I focused on?
  3. What do I want to feel?
  4. What focus will that serve?

These 4 questions will not only shift your state instantly but they will help you awaken your consciousness as you become mindful of how you are thinking and how those thoughts effect your life – your health, your relationships, your prosperity, your level of awareness and your state of happiness.

Answer the questions honestly and spontaneously and stay focused on the answer to question number four for as long as you can.

Next download this guided visualization to help change your thoughts on the deepest level changing who you are and what you can manifest in your life.

Listen to this today, tomorrow, every day and it will realign your energy centers, raise your vibration and shift you on the frequency of wholeness. When you live the love you are then you are in the divine mind code. This is when you can access the wisdom of your True Self to embody compassion, tolerance, patience, kindness and forgiveness—for yourself and for others. This is where you can achieve true happiness.

IMPORTANT: Transformation is an experiential process and mastery depends upon practice. Although instant shifts are normal, your success relies on your ongoing participation and use of these tools we will be sharing with you. Visit us on Facebook and review our website for more tools to help you develop a stronger connection to your true self.