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Image of Sandra SpeakingSandra Biskind is electrifying! With her down-to-earth wisdom married to her multi-dimensional gifts, she creates instant shift. Sandra communicates directly with your soul – the best part of you – she puts you on the road to a PLATINUM Life, living from your True Self rather than your ego mind

The password to living this life is Peace, Love, Awareness, Trust, Integrity, Neutrality, Unity and Mindfulness – PLATINUM.

And she will show you how to crack that code!

A master of audience engagement, Sandra Biskind delivers more than just a speech: she delivers a powerful transformational experience.

Captivating audiences of all sizes on five continents, Sandra has been hailed for her high energy, one of a kind experiential presentations that leaves your audience transfixed and inspired.

Sandra is the co-author of the International #1 Best-Selling books in the CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series. Previously, she and her husband Daniel created the award-winning resort Eagle Nest in New Zealand, sited on many lists as one of the world’s best luxury hotels which served as the retreat center where people came from all over the world to work with her.

A self-made millionaire by 29 with an award-winning chain of fashion boutiques, she offers an astute combination of business savvy, transformational leadership and soul enrichment. Sandra deep dives into your DNA to free you from your ego minds sabotage and launch you onto your PLATINUM life.

Sandra and her husband Daniel co-facilitates with Jack Canfield at his own retreats and coaches him and his staff.

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Type of Speaker

  • Inspirational, Motivational, Spiritual, Success Skills

Speaker Presentation Options

  • Guest Speaker
  • Keynotes
  • MultiSpeaker Event Participant
  • Participant Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Seminars

Topics and Presentations

  • Set Yourself Free to be the Best Version of You and Live Your PLATINUM Life.
  • Clear Your Past Life Traumas for a Better Life Today
  • Transform Your Emotions Instantly with Quantum Neutrality
  • Divine Essence Activation – Attunement to Your True Self
  • The New Woman: Empowered, Enlightened and Inspired
  • What is the Sexiest Trait on the Planet and How to Get It
  • Set Yourself Free to be the Best Version of You and Live Your PLATINUM Life.

Learn how to use the Master Password to Crack the Code to live your PLATINUM Life.

  • How to go from where you are now to where you want to be in quick, easy steps
  • Get clarity on what’s blocking you and how to clear it instantly
  • Create your life by design rather than a default
  • Clear Your Past Life Traumas for a Better Life Today.

Discover the events, emotions, and decisions that are blocking your ability to have the relationship, health and success you dream of. Neutralize and Delete the emotions holding you in negative life patterns.

  • Powerful visualizations expose the missing links in your life.
  • Fill in the blanks to the questions you’ve always wanted answers.
  • Experience an instant life-changing shift.
  • Transform Your Emotions Instantly with Quantum Neutrality.

Stop having your emotions run your life. Disconnect your memories from your emotions and current patterns

  • Step into your power to create positive new habits.
  • Stop having your buttons pushed.
  • Experience the freedom and relief of being neutral and accepting what is.


Image of the Codebreaker Book

CODEBREAKER Book & Journal: Discover the Password to Unlock the Best Version of You – Available Now



International #1 Best Selling Authors of The CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series:

  • PEACE:Power Up Your life.
  • LOVE: Ignite The Secret To Your Success.
  • AWARENESS: Discover How life Really Works
  • TRUST: Cultivate True Confidence
  • INTEGRITY: Master Your Inner Strength
  • NEUTRALITY: Go Beyond Positive – Your Key To Freedom
  • UNITY: Connect The Dots To Ultimate Happiness
  • MINDFULNESS: Access Your Awesome Potential

Audio Products

    • PEACE
    • LOVE
    • TRUST
    • UNITY


  • NAPW Women of Achievement Award 2017 for Women Impacting and Changing Society Honors
  • Business Woman of the Year Nomination and The Best Business Award 1980 in Australia,
  • Created The World’s Best Luxury Coastal Hotel as awarded by The World Luxury Hotel Award in 2010
  • 2015 VIP Woman Of The Year for the National Association for Professional Women


  • Association of Transformational Leaders SOCAL
  • National Association for Professional Women
  • Transformational Leadership Council
  • The NETWORK for Transformational Leaders 
  • EWomen
  • Global Woman

Closest Metropolitan Area or Airport

  • Los Angeles

What Others Have To Say About Sandra Biskind

Sandra and Daniel are profound healers, trainers, speakers and authors who do some exceptional transformational work. I’ve experienced their work and found it truly life changing — so much so that I had them work with my entire staff with magical results. They have an amazing ability to shift energy and remove blocks on very deep levels.

From the first time I sat down with them I knew something special and profound was about to happen. Their unconditional love, joy and radiance fills the room. An hour later I left more calm, more centered, more my true self and more creative than I can remember. They are the real deal and I highly recommend them and their work. It is transformational wizardry at its best.”

Jack Canfield, Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, The Success Principles and a featured teacher in The Secret
Sandra Biskind was one of the most-loved speakers at the global Women Economic Forum 2015 in India. At its inaugural plenary on “Violence against Women” where she addressed a large gathering of women leaders and entrepreneurs from 25 countries, Sandra moved us much with her words and wisdom. Sandra embodies her spiritual outlook sincerely and thus brings much depth, receptivity and generosity to her interactions, be they on a panel or in person. Sandra has an “eastern” heart so to say, as she approaches people from other cultures and countries in a spirit of oneness and continuity. In a world much hurt by fragmentation, Sandra’s presence heals and fosters hope and self-confidence– the root of ALL empowerment.
DR.HARBEEN ARORA, Rai University, India
I’ve worked with a lot of healers, but rarely do I meet one who is as quick to the heart of the matter as Sandra. In a matter of min- utes, she was tuned into the core issues I was dealing with and the root causes, and a few minutes later I could feel a tangible shift, like a weight had been lifted and a new level of energy had been opened. Something was palpably different about me — and all of this in minutes – not months! I look forward to what’s possible with her incredible work, and encourage anyone struggling with issues (especially the seemingly unsolvable ones) to experience this for themselves.
DEREK RYDAL, Transformational coach, best-selling author, creator of The Law of Emergence
For all my life I have been uncomfortable expressing love to the people closest to me. There has always been this resistance to express the one emotion that is the essence of our existence. As a result, there has always been this hole in my life that I ignored and that has denied me the depth and richness of life I deserve. Sandra, in just three sessions, nailed what had happened in my past and knew what was preventing me from being the person I so desperately wanted to be. She has a rare gift and talent to pick up what the blocks are and how to resolve them. As a coach for Tony Robbins and with many mentors in personal development, I know for a fact that very few have this ability. After working with her I feel more at peace with myself and know that I am now on track to express and experience more love in my life.
GARY RUSH, Anthony Robbins Business and Success Coach
Sandra Biskind is a Master. In our first session over the phone I could literally ‘feel’ her working inside of me. I could feel my very ‘Being’ being altered. I’m launching something massive into the world and I needed to quickly remove blocks that had been with me for years. Sandra did that with rocket speed. I could feel the tectonic plates I thought were underpinning my negative/limiting beliefs shifting, moving and loosening. I felt energized with a clarity I’ve never felt before. She’s effective, she’s efficient, she’s fast…..and the results in my life since that session have been amazing.

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