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AWARENESS:  Discover How Life Really Works

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Isn’t it time to dissolve lifetimes of Karma that has been clogging up your present life,bringing to life the REAL YOU that’s been locked inside? 

Activate your intuition and the power and energy of your True Self. Using the simple tools and resources these books will be guiding you through, you’ll finally be able to move beyond your dysfunctional paradigms and hidden negative programming to create by design exactly what you want in life.

You will begin the regeneration process as the information in AWARENESS: Discover How Life really Works strengthens your energetic core physically, mentally and emotionally on a deep spiritual level.

Access the Best Version of You Now

Do you regularly use your higher awareness to activate your creativity, connect with your inner peace, and balance your need for quiet time in your life?

Sandra and Daniel Biskind, authors of the groundbreaking books in The CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series, have made these “Taking the Mystery Out of Meditation” videos to help you find that balance!

In only a few minutes every day you can power up your life by accessing and receiving the energy that supports and helps you feel more loved and understood regardless of conditions in your world.

Yes, please share the link to Sandra’s FREE “Taking the Mystery out of Meditation” videos and please let me know when I can get my copy of Awareness: Discover How Life Really Works!


As you read AWARENESS: Discover How Life Really Works you will:

• Discover the secret password to unlock The Divine Mind Code™ and become the best version of you
• Discover how to make empowering choices in every moment of your life
• Magnetize the relationships and abundance you’ve been desiring at an accelerated pace
• Deactivate unconscious fears on the spot using The Quantum Neutrality Process
• Feel joy and aliveness and experience a new freedom of being
• Connect to your true purpose
• Change your brain function to open you to the enlightenment frequency of love
• Develop a daily practice to keep you on your highest game

The books in the CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series present a user-friendly transformational process to accelerate huge shifts in your life. AWARENESS: Discover How Life Really Works explains how to develop one of the most important aspects of your True Self and how you can access it reliably and sustainably.

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What people are saying about the books in The CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series.

PEACE : Power Up Your Life

“My mother has your first book in The CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series, PEACE: Power Up Your Life. Of course, knowing me I peeked into your book and found myself balling my eyes out doing the visualization as I held a small child in my arms on a swing set. It was me. I had hated what had happened to me when I was younger and I hated the person I had become.

I effortlessly held myself as a little girl and wept holding her so close I could smell her hair, feel her warm skin, forgive her innocent heart. I realized that all I have ever wanted was to love myself. I feel loved and wanted. By ME. I read your entire book that night and I have a lot of experience in self help books. I've been in and out of recovery for years. I’ve battled many wars with myself and seen a lot and I am a daily meditator and am apart of a Buddhist meditation society called "against the stream.” Meditation has saved my life.

Your book made my jaw drop. It was the most unbelievable feeling that came over me while I was reading it and since then. And I have searched for that feeling in every program, therapist, book, journal, coping skill on the planet. So to have found that feeling for the first time is the most incredible gift God has ever given me. And He worked through you to show me.

My mother emailed you about getting the rest of the series. I NEED to keep reading. Thank you both so much. I am truly grateful. You are both so kind.

Namaste 🙏— Molly Cochran - USA

LOVE : Ignite The Secret to Your Success

"Sandra and Daniel Biskind have followed-up their best-selling book PEACE: Power Up Your Life with what is sure to be a definitive work - "LOVE." Simply put, the Biskinds have done it again with the second book in their CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series. By any measure, this book is destined to make contributions unmatched in such areas as love's importance, power, jumpstarting the process, rating your state of love and how to become the best version of yourself.

Be sure to hold your breath when the Biskinds give us a guided tour - with explanations - as we, along with them, probe the (until now) un-probable deep caverns and mysteries of Love. Yes, this journey includes clear explanations of causes and cures.

LOVE: IGNITE THE SECRET TO YOUR SUCCES should be required reading for young couples and yes, for those a bit older. Personal problems will be fewer and divorce attorneys may need to pursue new lines of work. Enlightenment seems to fly off every page into our minds and hearts. If a million copies of LOVE are read worldwide, during the next 90 days, the planet will be a safer and better place to live. LOVE is truly a Code Breaking 10 Strike!

And more good news; the book flows like a beautiful poem. It is at the same time, impactive, instructive, surprising at times, profound and yet easy to read and fun. My advice is to bask in the sun and LOVE that flows from the book into your heart and learn how to let it flow from your heart into other hearts. You will love the experience.”

— William Bryant - USA

LOVE : Ignite The Secret to Your Success

“Not since The Beatles, has there been such an extraordinary outpouring of LOVE on the planet and literary scene! Daniel and Sandra Biskind share the secrets of experiencing true unconditional love and the profound awareness that the most important person we must learn to love is ourselves.

Sandra and Daniel say it all when they write “At your very core, love is who you are — and the genius of the heart knows no boundaries.”

What an exceptional journey this is…..Read LOVE: Ignite The Secret To Your Success…it is the answer to every prayer!

— Mary Giuseffi, Author, Straight Up With A Twist

AWARENESS : Discover How Life Really Works

Love, peace and joy is something we all want. AWARENESS: Discover How Life Really Works has given me a simple set of easy-to-use tools and a profound way of looking at life that orientates me back in to the place I want to live - that place of love of myself and others. I now know how to recognize the part I play when I feel a lack of awareness in any area of my life and, most importantly, I now know what I can do about it.

The relationship between awareness, love, forgiveness and inner peace is developed in an original and exciting way. Its clear presentation with user-friendly tools enabled the penny to really drop for me.

I’m now more aware of when my ego mind is running the show and I’m feeling like I don’t know what I should say or do. Reading and digesting this book has inspired me and I’m already experiencing a greater level of awareness, love, inner peace and joy in my life!

I want to give this book to all the people I love so they can experience how exciting it is to live through higher awareness with more love and peace, too!”

  Esther Anderson

Logie-nominated Australian actress, host and international model.

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