Meditation is the answer!

Are you longing for happiness, love or possibly a greater sense of purpose? Are you dealing with stress, health issues or the feeling that your life is simply out of control?

There is a place you can go where life can’t get any better. It’s a place where you feel powerful and inspired! It’s a place where past conflicts and negative emotions hold no power over you and no longer dictate your actions. You arrive at this very special and wonderful place when you are living the very best version of yourself!

The secret to becoming the best version of you and healing past pain and conflict, overwhelm and confusion is to tap into a higher state of consciousness.

The way to achieve this higher state of consciousness is by learning to meditate or continuing your daily practice.

Daniel and I are so excited to be able to share our latest CODEBREAKER PLATINUM MEDITATIONS with you!

These meditations inspired by the Master Password PLATINUM are a powerful guide to uplift, empower and inspire you in your daily lives.

Use these powerful tools to cultivate your PLATINUM state of mind, which is the prerequisite to living a PLATINUM life.

A PLATINUM state of mind is where your inner peace and happiness is not dependent of external circumstances.

These meditations are specifically designed to attune you to the attributes of your True Self. The more you use them the more joy, vitality and love in your life.

Easily turbocharge your meditation practice and support living the life of your dreams!

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Share your questions, your struggles or your successes with us.

We look forward to taking this meditation journey with you!

Love Always, Sandra and Daniel