Hi Dear One,

Is your Ego Puppy good at telling you stories? Very often these stories have devastating results!

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Stories Ego Puppy Loves to Tell

“You’re too old to try and get a better job”

“You’ll never be able to make six figures”

“No one is going to buy your programs”

“There’s no way you’ll ever lose that much weight”

“People will laugh at you if you try”

“Everyone knows you aren’t capable of doing more”

“You aren’t lovable”

“You don’t deserve any better”

“They probably don’t like you anyway”

“Who could ever love someone who looks like you?”

“Why would anyone hire you?”

“People will talk about you behind your back”

“You’ll never do better”

“You’ll lose everything if you try”

Wow! The stories Ego Puppy loves to tell!

Ego Puppy’s stories are designed to keep you small… keep you in “your place”…. separate you from others and from the love that you truly are.

But remember this… these are only just stories.

Follow these CODEBREAKER Success Principles to begin training your Ego Puppy to stop the stories and start being the faithful companion you deserve.

  1. Surrender to not knowing. Even when we are certain we know something, remember: it is only an opinion colored by the perspective of our programs. A belief is simply an opinion we’ve habitually thought and become attached to.
  2. Ask effective questions. Discover what is stopping you from changing the way you think. What is making Ego Puppy say these things? It is either an unconscious or conscious program that stops us from becoming neutral, and changing our thinking. Remember, it’s just another story.
  3. Forgiveness. Make forgiveness your highest priority. Move on to the next adventure without allowing the pain of the past to be the suffering of the future.
  4. Radical personal responsibility. Own your role as the screenwriter, director, producer, casting director, cinematographer, and star of the film that is your life.
  5. Master your thoughts. Master your thoughts and you master your whole world. Without attachment or judgment, become the mindful observer of your inner world.
  6. Master your mouth. It is so easy to speak mindlessly and destructively. When we master our mouth, we only have ourselves to forgive rather than needing to ask forgiveness of others.
  7. Neutralize your programs. They are just stories and beliefs—conscious and unconscious–that block us from accessing our personal power.

As we progress in actualizing these success principles, our experience of life transforms in astonishing ways.

Love Always,

Sandra and Daniel

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