What People Are Saying

Private Client Testimonials

“From the first time I sat down with them, I knew something special and profound was about to happen. Their unconditional love, joy, and radiance fill the room. An hour later, I left more calm, more centered, more my true self, and more creative than I can remember. They are the real deal, and I highly recommend them and their work. It is transformational wizardry at its best.”
Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, The Success Principles, and a featured teacher in the film The Secret

“As a private mentor, Sandra masterfully pinpointed the dynamics in my life that were blocking my joy, undermining my love relationships and curbing my financial success. With precision, she energetically disrupted the programs that were unconsciously running me. The root of all challenge is vibrational blockages and once she integrated them, my vibration and frequency were dramatically up-leveled. Today my life flows with ease, I’m healthier, happier and I feel fully in charge of my own destiny. Sandra embodies a gift that truly changes everything!”
– Jan Desai, Soulspring.org

This testimonial comes from a private client that lives in Germany.  He flew into LA to do the full Activate Enlightenment 3 day private weekend.  Here is what he had to say about the experience:

“Thank you, Sandra and Daniel, for this extraordinary experience with truly extraordinary results.

 You have moved me to a better life, seeing the world with new eyes, feeling free, at ease and happy.  This is the best feeling I’ve ever had. You are my dream team, I love you!”
— Horst Becker, Managing Director, Isotech, Germany
“I’ve worked with a lot of healers, but rarely do I meet one who is as quick to the heart of the matter as Sandra. In a matter of minutes, she was turned into the core issues I was dealing with and the root causes. A few minutes later, I could feel a tangible shift, like a weight had been lifted and a new level of energy had been opened. Something was palpably different about me — and all of this in minutes, not months! I look forward to what’s possible with her incredible work, and encourage anyone struggling with issues (especially the seemingly unsolvable ones) to experience this for themselves.”

– Derek Rydall, transformational coach, best-selling author of Emergence 

“Even though I’ve bought and sold billion dollar companies, something in my life was missing. Before working on my inner game with spiritual rockstars Sandra and Daniel, I didn’t know what it was.  Although I had high expectations, they totally exceeded them. I feel ready to conquer the world.”  – Eric Cole, Ph.D.; World renowned cyber security expert; Security advisor for Bill and Melinda Gates; Commissioner of Cyber Security for President Obama

“After my session with Sandra and Daniel, I felt totally clear, calm, and confident.  In just a few days I’ve seen a big difference in my thoughts and actions.  I can definitely feel a change around the office, and we’re all still buzzing from our experiences. So again, thank you, Sandra and Daniel, for a very powerful session!”
– Jesse Ianniello; VP, Training, and Development – Jack Canfield Companies

“After just one session, I was able to complete everything in one night that I’ve been trying to do for two weeks.  If there was ever a doubt in the work that the Biskind’s do that one session would have totally blocked out any doubt & disbelief, because there was such a tremendous shift.  I was almost crippled, I just could not do anything.  In that hour it was wiped out and I was freed.  I went from being crippled and paralyzed in fear to being completely turned around.  It was a complete shift and the fear was gone.  If I didn’t already believe that would have made a believer out of me.”  – Bowen, private client

“Ever since you graced me with this clearing, I’ve felt stronger, more certain of myself, peaceful and at ease, and neutral about things that were triggering me before. I have a new perspective. I’m so grateful Sandra Biskind” – Marcie Peters 

“For all my life I have had a challenge being uncomfortable expressing love to the people closet to me. There has always been this resistance to express the one emotion that is the essence of our existence

As a result, there has always been this whole in my life that I ignored and that has denied me the depth and richness of life I deserve.

Sandra in just three sessions nailed what had happened in my past and knew what was preventing me from being the person I so desperately wanted to be.  She has a rare gift and talent to pick up what the blocks are and how to resolve them.  The reason I know this is a coach for Tony Robbins and having many other mentors in personal development I know very few have this ability.

After working with her these three sessions, I feel more at peace with myself and know that I am now on track to express and experience more love in my life.”
– Gary Rush, Anthony Robbins Life Coach

Relationship with my son
I first met Sandra at a group workshop, and from experiencing her work and process, I decided to go ahead with my private sessions.

My son was diagnosed with autism a few years back.  While we have spent a lot of money on language and occupational therapy, I was hoping that she might be able to provide additional insights into his condition:  Was this related to his vaccines? Was it due to a head fall as an infant? As further context, my son was often angry with me as I had the task of taking him for a tough therapy session.  In contrast, he was much closer to his father and often wouldn’t let me play with them.

We live in a different country from Sandra.  My son has never met with Sandra or spoken to her directly, but from her process, I still believed she would be able to help my child.  I asked for his permission to allow her to work with him, by asking nicely and showing him her photograph. Fortunately, he said, “Yes”.

Sandra helped me understand that the root issues came from another life, where my core character had also been tough on my son’s character in training him.  The approach that had been fear-based, with tough punishments for mistakes.  In contrast, in that life, his father had been the primary source of comfort. As for the autism, she explained that he had “chosen” this because of his fear of spirituality, that he could feel and sense spirits/ghosts around him and was afraid.

Since being “reset” by Sandra, his relationship with me has improved greatly in a very short space of time!  He’s started to tell me and his school teacher how much he loves me.  Not only am I allowed to join family games, but he also tries to help me so that mommy can do better than daddy. For the last two years, he’s only wanted daddy to help him with homework.  However, since working with Sandra, he now regularly asks me to assist him because in his own words, “Mommy is nicer to him than daddy”.   Socially, he’s become more confident when speaking with strangers too.  At school, he continues to make good progress.
Mother of a special needs boy

Finding an answer to solve a pattern of Abuse
While I had sought therapy with a few psychologists through my life, I continued to struggle with abusive behavior in my life.  This stemmed from being abused as a child and while I was aware, I was never fully able to break the cycle.  Even as an adult, people who were supposed to look out for me or coach me, often either abandoned me during a time of need or would be abusive.  My experiences included one failed marriage, with an ex-spouse with a hidden bad temper and a series of moody, volatile and verbally abusive bosses at the workplace.  I had been working at breaking the cycle and on standing up/speaking up for myself with other therapists (e.g., with NLP or hypnosis techniques) and these efforts had met with some progress.

I worked with Sandra, who explained the root cause, which was linked to a past life.  She described an extremely unpleasant life which was hard to listen to or believe.  As a person who does believe in past lives, I had been searching for this specific soul without success but the soul immediately found me through Sandra.

Once she explained the root cause, I felt like I finally had the key to unlock a major block in my life.  Shortly after, I finally managed to break the cycle fully.

I am now happier and more confident, even when dealing with difficult situations and people but I always do what is right for me.☺   As an unexpected outcome, by no longer allowing my boyfriend to treat me the way he used to, he’s finally also changed miraculously and is showing me a lot of love and kindness every day.
Top female entrepreneur

Breaking through Career and Financial Blocks
For years, I made good progress in my career and finances but I often experienced large setbacks when I least expected it.  I had worked hard on having my psychology aligned to what it was that I truly wanted but there still seemed to be a block that I could not free myself from.  While I had accepted responsibility for all my choices, including my mistakes, I couldn’t understand why I could not break through a certain level of success.

Working with Sandra, she unlocked a past life situation, where circumstances made me feel very unsafe and judged when I had more than others.  As a result, I was always nervous or trying to make others happy by giving away my belongings or hiding them.

While I felt instant relief from understanding this, it was extremely surprising to see how differently I started managing my career and financials within a week. In addition, the most unexpected, wonderful career and financial opportunities opened up very quickly too.  Happily, I am pursuing them with a level of calm and confidence that I have never had before.
Retired white collar professional transitioning to a new career

Moving Through Issues that were holding me back!
“The PLATINUM Being Experience is like no other self-improvement program. As an owner of multiple businesses, I have to make sure that I am always striving to be the best version of myself that I can be so that my businesses can be the best as well.

The Biskind’s PLATINUM Being Experience is incredibly powerful. The tools and modalities they use are cutting edge, and way ahead of our time. It makes sense, it’s practical, and it is easy to apply. I move through issues that were holding me back with ease and grace, and observe the benefits and flow-on effect in all aspects of my life”
– Business Owner, Melbourne, Australia.

“Sandra and Daniel are profound healers, trainers, speakers, and authors who do some exceptional transformational work. I’ve experienced their work and found it truly life changing—so much so that I had them work with my entire staff, with magical results. They have an amazing ability to shift energy and remove blocks on very deep levels.

“Sandra has a direct connection to deep spiritual wisdom, and an uncanny ability to uncover the blind spots and help clear the blockages that keep you from living your best life. I highly recommend the powerful transformational work and books that the Biskind’s are bestowing on the world.”
—Donna Stoneham, PhD, author of The Thriver’s Edge

“To sift through my thoughts and find a completely different person than two days ago has brought me to a place of great appreciation, and Sandra, I need to thank you for this. For me, the amazement of your work is that my life’s structure is still there; people didn’t disappear. But, my deep emotions have changed. The shift that has taken place within me is unbelievable.”
—Alison Hora, professional dive instructor

“One of the most important decisions I have ever made in my life was to work on a personal level with Sandra and Daniel. I have worked with them for more than eight years because doing this work shifts me from crisis point to a place of absolute relief and neutrality in a matter of minutes. It has transformed my life on every level and in every part of my life dramatically and continues to do so. Thank you, Sandra and Daniel.”
—Amber Brech-Hollins, photographer

“To say I am passionate about the new and improved direction in my life would be an understatement. Nothing I have ever done can compare to the breakthrough technology that I have been lucky enough to experience through Sandra and Daniel and their Ultimate Mind Shift™ program.”
—Robert Hurst, business owner and entrepreneur

“WOW! Words almost can’t do justice to the incredible work that Sandra and Daniel do. To be able to go from totally on edge, stressed, depressed, angry, and “over life,” to feeling happy, content, aligned, powerful, strong, and “in love” with life again, all in the space of a 30-minute session—truly amazing! I really appreciate being me again.”
—James Hollins, business owner and entrepreneur

Activate Enlightenment PLATINUM Being Live Events

Melbourne, Australia 2017

“Dear Sandra & Daniel, I am still somewhat in awe re the Platinum Being Experience 3 Day  event.

If it hadn’t been for my brother Jim appearing to me with you Sandra I would never have come, I had ‘given up’ really, felt a hopeless case and had lost all trust in any workshops. My ego mind had created a fantastic story to stay feeling sorry for myself, powerless to do anything about it.

That day of Neutrality was when my ego mind gave up the fight because of the Light that flooded in, there was no room for darkness, I was exposed.

Thank you to you both, and Spirit and all concerned, I can not begin to express my deep heartfelt appreciation for literally receiving my life back.

It is now 3 weeks and amazing events are happening:

Co-incidences have been happening, timing amazing. I never quite know what lovely surprises to expect each day…it is all a bit foreign to me and I am loving it.

People have been smiling at me more than usual, passing compliments…I love it!! LOL Feels slightly awkward (in a nice way) as I had been making myself more and more invisible.

Actually, it’s not surprising that I am going so well… how could I be experiencing it any other way after such a miraculous weekend.

My great love and thanks to you both, 1 million thousand times and I look forward to continuing the journey.”
Patrick McCormick, Australia

Brisbane Weekend

“I am impressed and inspired by Sandra’s absolute faith in the divine and the way that she is so firm with anyone playing out a program. Integrity comes to mind. My experience today was not profoundly life-altering but I know from my experience over this last year, that the effects will be 100-fold increase in awareness, love and truth in my day to day life.” – Eleanor Mann

“The Process” is continuing. I am realizing this process is not necessarily a quick fix set of methods but is more about learning new skills to be more able to deal with personal and life situations. To me this process is a golden opportunity to make significant personal life changes if you are willing to do the work and use the learned skills/tools regularly. And most importantly- be ready, willing and able to change. With lots of Love.”

“This Process is right online with the emergence and acceleration of consciousness on the planet. What I did today I feel is greatly needed by all of humanity. The Heartpower Process is simple to practice and powerful in its effects. It has helped me realign my life’s purpose. Bless you all.”
R Kendal

“I’ve experienced huge energetic shifts and re-alignments. I feel I am anchoring my inner core- my True Self. Old patterns and obstacles I feel being shed off and cleared out. I am truly blessed. Thank you.”

“My experience today was great! J Very happy with myself and thank you for the experience. I was not a real believer but from now on I am! I got so much more than I hoped for, and am grateful for that. I’m feeling so fulfilled and know from now on my life is going to be different. Thank you again for helping me find my True Self.” – Skye Ostler

“I feel very excited. I feel like a clarity is returning/being rediscovered- a feeling of hope and optimism. The Processes seem simple, but are powerful. Sandra and Daniel’s sharing and presentations are clear, respectful, and often humorous. Thank you both for such useful tools.”

“I had a cyst of fluid on my right hand which had been there for 3 weeks. After one of the processes it had completely disappeared.” – Venus Cahill

“This weekend has been the best thing I have done to bring me back on path. I walk away with a greater sense of my truth, clarity, and self acceptance. Thank you to all the HEARTPOWER Team and I will see you in New Zealand.” – Tracey Hallmond

“This weekend has truly been a journey of self discovery, acceptance, peace, power and truth. The truth about myself, the truth about mankind, the truth about the universe and the truth about God.”

“Nothing happens by chance- I got all that I need from this weekend and I thank you whole heartedly for your work. I am now able to embark on my life with light, understanding and an unlimited source of love.” – Sonya Yeh Spencer

Melbourne Weekend

“Dear Sandra and Daniel… There is a relationship happening, very different from anything I have had before. But the huge change is in me; it seems that overnight (or over the heartpower weekend) I have become a master of acceptance. My need to control situations, people, relationships have gone, or so it seems.

Even the way that I view them, relationships especially, is completely different. I am so appreciative of stuff, and so allowing of everyone’s personal freedom to make the choices that they need to make.”
Linda Hobart

“THIS IS AWESOME! I feel more confident to do this on my own. This is so good for me, I am excited to see my life continue to change as a result of this work. Thank you so much for this special gift in my life.” – Esther Anderson

“Thank you for facilitating a journey to enable to set me free of limiting beliefs. This experience is very powerful and positive. It gives me a great feeling that we all can become at peace with ourselves and create a better world. Thank you and I am looking forward to going to New Zealand and experience another dimension of this journey.” – Elizabeth Czaplinsia

“Today was a consolidation of yesterday- enlightenment plus more. I just became a sponge and soaked up all the energy I could and became one with my True Self. I now have more tools that can help me stay connected with my True Self and set me free of my negative programs. Looking forward to the intensive in New Zealand.” – Murray Dilger

“Thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable. Thank you for your love and compassion.”
Vanessa McCarthy

“Peace, joy and gratitude fill my heart. Thank you for your love and expression of True Self. The love and connection is deep and wonderful. My mind and heart feel so clear. Thank you for the useful and powerful tools helping me to stay focused.”

“With Much gratitude and love I thank you for your presence, love, support, and your guidance towards my journey of my True Self. Each and everyday is a blessing of love and gratitude. It always amazes me just how much I get out of every time I work with you. Thank you with Love.”
Irena Aslin

“Powerful energy- thank you. The purity and power of the work you do is awesome. I look forward to the magic of more intensives. To live in oneness with God- that is all there is.” – Ben Hand

“I feel completely overwhelmed with gratitude. I feel at total peace with myself and the world. I feel more optimistic than I have for a long time. I felt great emotion when we all participated in the circle exercise- I was in total awe with what I saw in other people’s eyes- their soul mirroring my soul. That was one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had. I am on my way! To be in touch with my True Self is beautiful.” – Mary Pateologos

“One of the things that became clear today was that when I’m connected to my True Self and creating what I want- life is effortless. I don’t have to struggle- it just happens.” – Jane Phillips

“I had a great experience today. I especially liked the True Self Reprogramming, I got a lot out of it today. After the final attunement and resting, I felt energized with a new conviction to stay in this energy.” – Paul Poulter

“Feeling energized, peaceful. Shifts are occurring in a gentle quiet way. Organs are beautifully healed- which reinforces that change is happening.” – Janet Kirby

“I feel empowered, clear. I experienced deep joy when receiving the attunement. There is inner peace- expanded, grateful, and filled with love.” – Verena Cunningham

Auckland Weekend

“I feel great! Connected, revitalized, happy, at peace, loved, divine, light. Thank you for the keys to unlock it all.” – Amber

“Today I experienced meeting my True Self, and ignoring my ego mind I embraced myself and acknowledged my truth of being an enlightened person full of unconditional love.” – Wayne Neal

“I felt whole, blissful and loving. The energy is very awesome.”

“I found the whole process today simple and effective- the energy sustained was of loving empowerment and the facilitation was clear and direct.” – Suzanne Evans

“What a gift- being in the presence of pureness and love. It is such as amazing opportunity to be able to remove subconscious programming that you know was affecting your life. Now I truly believe I can manifest the life I want, and if I come across any more self sabotage I have the tools to remove them effectively and safely.” – Wayne Neal

“When I entered the room I felt the divine energy. I felt alive and invigorated. The highlight is the reprogramming. I have been seeking this information and I feel I have reached a stage in my lifetime of seeking to let go of finding answers in “concepts” and “philosophies” to moving to a state of unconditional love and to share this love.” – Aaron

“The feeling I leave here today with is of pure peace and joy. The roller coaster of emotion I have experienced today to get me to this point have been so intense. I arrived feeling full of fears and doubts now these feelings seem so distant. I know in my heart that I am right where I am supposed to be right now. The reprogramming process is so simple and powerful.” – Robyn Green

Sydney Weekend

“I have read many books, listened to the words of different masters and went to seminars like NLP. I found out that there are many different ways to work on yourself but for me what really works is the path that goes through the heart. This is why your work is really helping me to evolve. Any method that ignores the heart can take to failure as the mind is the problem and we can be easily trapped by it. It makes such a difference when you feel the unconditional love of Sandra and Daniel through this process that can be painful sometimes.” – Maxine Prado

“Your Process is very empowering and it helped me greatly on my spiritual path. For the first time in my life, I was able to fully connect with my higher self-knowing that all the answers come from within the heart-space. When looking into each other’s eyes I could see their true self and my true self-feeling this immense sense of love and compassion for everybody without judgment – it was such a special moment.” – Nadia Schutz

“Greater, deeper understanding of oneness. Greater love towards other people. A deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction.” – Harold Toumazou

“I will be forever grateful for this wonderful gift you have given me. To feel my being in this state of bliss is everything I hoped for and more.” – Annalisa MacDonald

“Thank you, thank you. I have had a most wonderful experience being in your presence I have learned so much more even the second time around and know there is so much more to learn, but first I go out into this heaven on earth to practice my new embodied knowledge.” – Marian Bray

“A completely transformational experience “Wow”. I don’t feel the same. Thank you.” – Chintamani

“I have never (in this life) been as free of the Ego mind as I feel I am today. Thank you.” – Ian Bird

“I found this a truly positive experience. I came here not really knowing what I wanted to find out about myself. All I knew was that something had left me. A certain feeling, a spark. This day has helped me to clearly identify what I have lost and a number of tools to enable me to get it back. The words spoken by Sandra were heard by everyone uniquely and helped all on many levels. I needed a realignment- and this was it.” – Mark Taylor

“This is my second weekend with your process and I found it easier this time. I enjoyed the energy work and love the feeling of peace that I am experiencing right now. Thank you.” – Gabriella Garball

“I came with an open mind and what I found was peaceful bliss and an amazing feeling of happiness and Love. I feel like I am floating on air- it’s more than air, its like I am the wind. The hands-on approach is something I have enjoyed and will treasure. My mind is quiet and my heart opened, I now feel a softening of love. Thank you”. – Chintamani

“What an amazing experience to be totally connected with the soul and the divine will on this planet. I have already done a lot of belief-changes, meditations, retreats etc. but I was surprised with such a high energy Sandra and Daniel work with. The processes were great and I could feel and see the energy in the room and the moments when it came down to my heart and soul.” – Karin Seiler

“Beautiful Long meditation that was so relaxing with plenty of time to truly connect with the self. Feeling serene, balanced and at peace. A very desirable state to be in! I could/wish to stay here for a long time.”
– Ian Bird

“Thank you for another wonderful day filled with love, healing, and acceptance. I feel the energy flowing through me- it’s beautiful. I feel much love in my heart and I feel my heart opening up more. I feel so blessed and feel so much gratitude for all in my life. I look forward and I am excited about manifesting all the wonderful things in my life- I feel worthy of living the life of my dreams more and more.” – Jana Rajnoch

Manifesting Your Dreams Weekend

“Dear Sandra and Daniel… I feel as if you are constantly looking over my shoulder. As if I am seeing everything I do through your eyes. Of course, I know that this means that I am seeing through the eyes of Spirit – of the Being – of my True Self. This is a truly great achievement – and one which can only come about through the raising of consciousness. This is what you promised would occur in doing The Heartpower Process. You delivered on your promise. Thank you. I am going about my professional, personal and parenting life both fully engaged and somewhat detached. I sense a bubble of excitement rising – something that heralds change – big change – but I know not when, nor where, nor how. This weekend has been a major convergence of many, many journeys, the integration of which is so vast. Namaste.” – Mynda Lois Mansfield

Live Events

“Sandra and Daniel make a huge difference in my life with every session. Don’t hesitate. Work with them. You’ll be amazed at the outcome.”
– Bronwen Talley-Coffey : Success Principles Coach and Entrepreneur

“Sandra and Daniel have the awesome ability to draw glowing light into the darkest of places in one’s life. I highly recommend working with them.”
 Alexandra Curtiss : Author

“I want you to know how much you and Daniel changed my life in Italy. As soon as you released my blocks, I felt myself tingle from the inside out, and watched a bright column of golden light shoot through me. Definitely a first!

I wanted to share a funny story. During mastermind, I shared my experience of being punished for scribbling on the wall of my parents’ bedroom when I was six. You told me it was my inner writer coming out.

Two weeks ago, out of the blue, I decided to write my novel on our 15-foot wall of sliding glass windows using a dry erase marker. The words just flowed and I felt utter joy the entire week.

It wasn’t until the following week that my husband drew the connection to my childhood. I had felt safe, confident and free to “write on the walls” without retribution. So, thank you and Daniel for that!

Thanks to you both, that was one of the best days of my life.  I felt so free!
— Alexandra Curtiss USA

“Hi Sandra, I am still a bit dazzled and I forgot to ask you.

During that Intimate Collective Consciousness Spiral, I experienced this very strong connection to the Force.

I could barely stand it, when suddenly I felt a very calming breeze coming from your direction.

Was that a butterfly flapping its wings?
Was that an angel?
Or  it was you, Sandra?

It calmed me in an instant… And it feels like touching… Eternity.

Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you.”
– Ben – The Baron

“Dearest Sandra,

Following the clearing and activation that you performed for me and after the end of the call, I spent quite some time in tearful gratitude. Today, I have experienced the freedom from anxiety that has been my constant companion for too many years. I even awoke two hours later this morning which indicated to me that my mind was, at last, peaceful. WOW!!

Thank you for your love and generous use of your gift of healing. I now have the assurance that prosperity and abundance of everything is coming to me which is my birthright.

I am so pleased and over the moon!! I will listen over and over as I have all the recorded calls. The healing just goes deeper and deeper. LIFE IS GOOD!!!! Love and Gratefulness to you”
– Betty Carpenter, Activate Enlightenment Online Mastery Program

“Sandra and Daniel unleashed my potential to truly give and receive love by removing the blockages and fears that I’ve lived with for over 50 years.

With this I feel enabled to incorporate the principles of success, the strategies, teaching, and feedback of the Jack Canfield training to become wildly successful in my own right, in areas I most care about.

My new affirmation is, “Love is inescapable and inevitable!”
– Susan Diehl, COO Strato Inc. New Jersey

Amazing weekend – beyond my wildest expectations! You both opened doors that I didn’t even know were shut. Open doors let in so much light.”
Alison Quedley, New Zealand

Enlightened Business Success

I came in very restless & unsettled after a hectic day of business.  I left feeling much more centered & calm. I felt the change at the first correction! Thank you so much, Sandra and Daniel.
M Lambrick, Business Owner, Melbourne, Australia.

Great, clear information that was grounded but full of love. You both created a warm safe environment so we could explore more deeply.
K Lukis, Business Owner, Melbourne, Australia.

“Thank you for an amazing experience! I am so blessed for this moment in my life. I’m excited to discover more!”
Actor and Entrepreneur, Melbourne

5 Day Intensive

“The energy I received today felt slightly different with each person giving the energy to me. I felt the heat and an explosive feeling of energy in my brain. Splashes of white apricot and sometimes bright violet were visual effects that accompanied the energy transfers. I had a feeling of total relaxation (an altered state). Totally lost track of time. Definitely feel lighter and more peaceful- I feel that this is my more natural state (energized).” – Ariane Oates

“Within the many layers of information and transformation I have received through my experiences in India, the simple truth is I could not even begin to express my deep honor and love for you and the expression that is so uniquely you (In terms of your way of bringing God to each individual who moves into your presence and the impact your dedication to raising consciousness in the world is having). New Zealanders are blessed to have you on their back doorstep. This is truly a very powerful beautiful doorway to anyone and for anyone wanting to come home and find happiness, love, and oneness with all that there is. Through the Heartpower Process, it is truly possible to dissolve the false self, the ego, and the stories, and be that which you are: LOVE, GOD, The Divine.” – Kerry

“Great day, I felt like I hit the ground running this intensive. The regression meditation was particularly eventful. I feel like I am really learning to trust what comes up for me and also I am feeling confident in my capacity to be able to bury it and find it. I am feeling an ever increasing sense of clarity- I am excited about the changes ahead! Thank you again.”

“The moment I walked in here this morning I felt the depth of energy and powerful vibration present. It touched me so personally, it made me want to cry (in a good way- I could tell the intention behind it was for my healing wholeness and love to be present). Today’s regression showed me more about my distrust of life itself, people, men, and the believed dangers of actually having a loving man and children. To have this confirmed by Sandra showed me how easy it can be to reveal the truth to myself. In the attunement today I was shifted into another plane. One second I was seeing the sky, the next the sky changed into a sparkling multi-level thing, and I felt like I was extremely high up on a steep vertical drop. Cool. Thank you Heartpower team.” – Naomi

“I am feeling very peaceful, light, and in bliss, it’s as if time just stopped. I also feel like I’m not fully in my body- in a nice way. Today started off with mixed feelings and anxiety in my solar plexus and a blockage in my throat when we were talking about trust. I was on the verge of being sick. This has now totally shifted. The energy coming from people’s hands was amazing. Thank you, the attunement was wonderful. I also related to everyone’s past lives, some more than others which have helped me. There were a couple I could totally identify with even in this lifetime. Today has been very helpful- enlightening. Beautiful energy. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful work you make a massive difference in people’s lives. I look forward to totally and fully trusting and having major breakthroughs.” – Jana Rajnoch

“Thank you for the reminder to remain present. It’s great to read and hear about it, but to experience it and live it- that is the gift.” – RI

“The attunements were amazing. I feel so much love and humility in my heart. I am excited to be one/feel as one with my true self.” – Jana Rajnoch

“Another great day. The mirror/eyes were amazing today. Massive attunement- I feel very calm and at ease, very peaceful and confident.”

“Another great day. Started early this morning when I had a wonderfully clear vision of my ego as merely a blundering idiot trying to do something it is unqualified and ill-equipped to do, rather than the loathsome beast that it has appeared to be before. The strength meditation was phenomenal for me today- great messages received and the true self-part was massive. There was all this light and a huge energy and a tremendous gift given and received. Thank you once again.” – James Hollins

“I’m smashed! I have not had a hit from the energy like that for a long time. No thoughts- no attachments to any thoughts. Actually, not remembering anything I’ve been thinking or doing. The days are just merging into one hazy, foggy, rainy day that I just can’t seem to remember anything I have thought of. I am feeling really peaceful, connected, open, and wishing time would just slow down for this week.” – Michael Joubert

“The lovely thing about this process is that I feel honored by my own ‘working through’ of a situation. I really appreciate the honesty with which I so readily focused and am able to resolve what I need myself. How easy it is to live in this state.” – Jilly Grant

“When I am here with everyone I truly feel like I am home. I am so grateful for this and feel so much love for everyone. I feel so blessed, thank you.” – Jana Rajnoch

“What a fantastic feeling. I have had a day of white light filling my body through my head from the hands of the divine. The journey is becoming simpler, thank you for allowing this place to be here for the betterment of our higher self.”

“This is absolutely the best course I’ve ever done in my life! My core issues/programs have been jumping out at me by using the process and tools of the course. I’m amazed at what I have revealed about the decisions I have made in the past and how creative I have been with all the cute programs I made up. During the last attunement, I began to actually feel my chakras waking up and spinning, which was fun. Thank you so much for everything.” – Naomi

“Great day! Working on core issues was brilliant because it reinforced practically how to dissolve them. The booklets that we received will be an invaluable tool for me when I get back to my normality and to reconnect on a regular basis. The transmission was exceptionally strong this afternoon. Love that energy!” – Ariane Oats





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