bad_dog“I love you!” Three tiny words that could transform your relationships in such a big way.

Is there anyone in your family circle you have not forgiven yet?

Although we may want to forgive and be happy, that idea may seem out of reach—for many.

This could just be the opportunity you need to reconcile with the people you are estranged from.

Your ego mind code does not want you to unlock the door to forgiveness and reconciliation. Keeping your thoughts locked into a negative loop of how you have been hurt keeps you unhappy and ultimately leads to internal stress which can manifest as depression, anger, sickness, and even violence.

The last time I felt upset with a family member I had to remind myself everyone has been conditioned to think and live enmeshed in a code that will either destroy relationships or keep them strong. Our parents, siblings, teachers and circumstances; ancestral DNA and past lives all play important roles in molding who we have become—and are becoming. We all have faulty programs in our very vulnerable human computers that create havoc with our happiness, health, success and relationships.

Try this. Imagine everyone is born with an ego puppy who wreaks havoc unless trained. Your ego puppy is a metaphor for all the programs, beliefs and emotions stored in your unconscious mind. To help you tap into your ability and power to forgive the person who triggered off a painful response, try thinking of them as a puppy.

How was it trained (or not) to act like it does today? Like you, they are negotiating their way through a maze of thoughts, emotions and decisions that have been contaminated with pre-conditioned responses.

Can you think about a time when your ego puppy might have terrorized someone? Maybe yourself? When was the last time you sat in judgment of yourself or another? Be honest! I have often spoken in anger, been intolerant, impatient and deliberately withheld love from myself. I have committed acts of terror on myself and certainly, when I was much younger, on others.

I learned to forgive for my sake. We call it enlightened self-interest to stay connected to the peace and love of your original divine blueprint.

Have a good look at all the ego puppies in your family and see which ones are going to be left behind the fence of unforgiveness. Is there a way you can start the process of forgiveness?

As you think of yourself, your family member or friend as an out-of-control ego puppy, watch as your heart begins to soften.

Never give up on your ability to transform your relationships. You have the power within you to forgive and move on. You are an awesome being who will be able to say, “I love you” again…even to those who have hurt you!

Love always,

Sandra and Daniel xxx