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Does it ever feel as though you can’t get ahead financially no matter how hard you try?

It’s the code you’re operating in at any given moment that controls your projections and perceptions.

We each choose our own code and our choice of code is frequently triggered by an unconscious program that blocks or limits success.

Our entire life experience can change instantly with the removal of these unconscious blocks.

What’s causing you to block money in your life?

In order to find out, you need to be able to neutralize the old programs around money that are still running in your unconscious and delete their effects.

Neutralize your programs.

Programs are just stories and beliefs—conscious and unconscious–that block you from accessing your personal power.

The low frequency blocker to neutrality is attachment.

Neutrality empowers you to live by design and not default. When you decide what you want to manifest in your life, you can intelligently go about installing appropriate thought processes into your human computer.

Let’s get started with an inquiry to neutrality. Spend some time on these questions and really think them through. Remember… Awareness brings change.

  1. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your ability to stay neutral around the thought of having money?
  2. What stories is Ego Puppy telling you about money? Ex: Is he telling you that you don’t deserve it? Is he telling you that you can’t be trusted with it?
  3. Has something happened in your past that impacted the way you feel around money? Ex: You didn’t have enough as a child or you had money and wasted it. Maybe you knew someone with money who couldn’t be trusted.
  4. How did the situation or event you just described make you feel?

The questions above are a small step in our inquiry process. We use this process to dig deep into your unconscious codes to determine where the blocks are. Make sure you spend time on each question and seriously consider the answer to each one before moving on.

Then join Sandra for this 2 minute activation to neutrality.

To Your Brilliance, Happiness and Success,

Love Always,

Sandra and Daniel