Picture of Sandra and Daniel Biskind excited about their Platinum Life Program.


Sandra and Daniel Biskind are world-renowned visionary and transformational teachers. Using their unprecedented laser-like techniques, they clear your unconscious, freeing you to fully experience life without limits.

As high-frequency transformational catalysts, Sandra and Daniel have dedicated their lives to empowering people to free themselves from pain, suffering, sadness and self-limiting beliefs. Through their quantum energy system including their online programs, live events and #1 international bestselling books in The CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Series, they have touched the hearts of people worldwide and helped them to get free to live their brilliance as the best version of who they are.

The clarity and high-frequency activations and transmissions that Sandra and Daniel share are rooted in ancient spiritual wisdom combined with modern principles of quantum physics.

Their presence is nonjudgmental, expansive and full of love enabling you to feel safe as you experience massive breakthroughs in every area of your life.

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“Sandra and Daniel are profound healers, trainers, speakers and authors who do some quite amazing transformational work. I’ve had Sandra work with my family and my entire staff with magical results!”

Jack Canfield


Jack Canfield interviews Sandra and Daniel.  They invite you to join them in discovering the password to unlock the best version of you.


Real leaders make others feel better in your presence and have them stay that way in your absence.

What People Are Saying

Dear Sandra and Daniel,

I want to thank you both for being the exact facilitators of personal and spiritual growth that I have needed at this point in my soul’s development.

The two of you have re-ignited a spark in me that I had almost forgotten about.

Years to come, people will talk about how crazy 2020 was, and all I will be able to say is that 2020 was the fantastically, amazing year that I remembered who I really was.

Before working with you, I was someone that had almost given up on happiness and hope for living a fulfilling life.

Though I was good at my job, I constantly doubted myself and I constantly let myself fall into pangs of depression, self-loathing, and negativity.

I know that I’ve stayed at my job for so long because I know that the job is truly important to society, however, the Little Jake in me has been traumatized and heartbroken by it all and at some point a flame inside just went out–a really important one.

I’ve found that flame again! And I feel like it’s going to shift me into a new career soon in which I can use the power of words to help people heal; and, through that, will contribute to the raising of consciousness on Earth.

During the Healing Energy Activation I was inspired, I am sure it was a download from the divine, but I wrote another poem–on the spot!

It actually started pouring out of me even before the meditation was over.

It’s a way for me to show my deep gratitude for all you’ve done for not only me but everyone else who works with you – people around me have noticed that I’ve shifted and I’m not shy to talk to them about it like I would have been before, I’m actually excited about it!

Listening to that little voice that said, WE NEED THIS, was the best choice I ever made.

I’m looking forward to being in your new PLATINUM Life program in October.



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