CODEBREAKER is awesome! Sandra and Daniel Biskind are the secret sauce to my success.

If you feel stuck or scattered or you’re just totally frustrated and you’re just not getting to the place you want to be – buy this book!  It’s going to change the game completely. 

Jack (Canfield) and I use them, they are our personal confidantes. They coach us all the time and they have given us more information, and helped us with more breakthroughs than anyone we have worked with. So make sure you don’t miss out and get Sandra and Daniel’s book. You will absolutely love it.- 


7X’s New York Times Best-selling Author and the Woman Behind the World’s First Billion Dollar Book Series & President of the Canifield group


The holiday season is upon us and if you would like to give a gift that empowers your friends and family to live as the best version of who they are, CODEBREAKER Discover the Password to Unlock the Best Version of  You presents a system that does exactly that.

Thousands of people around the world have told us that having read the book 2, 3 , 4 times that their whole life has changed on so many levels.  This system is going to be a full game changer for your friends and loved ones and maybe even yourself.

You can also purchase the CODEBREAKER Journal that we created so you can use the journal as you are going through this incredible system, learning the tools and using them in your everyday life.

Imagine being able to change your state instantly…

Imagine feeling worried and being able to instantly get back into a state of trust.

Feeling anxious, lacking confidence and being able to change that in an instant.

That’s just one of the high frequency aspects that you are going to be using when you are reading CODEBREAKER.

Give a gift that will just keep on giving during the holidays and every day after!

CODEBREAKER is available in hardcover, soft cover, ebook and audio book from Amazon. It’s perfect companion, the CODEBREAKER Journal is also available on Amazon.

If you go to you can download three free meditations to support this system.

We love you, we look forward to getting your feedback and your friend’s and family’s feedback when they unwrap this beautiful gift that will allow them to unlock the best version of who they are.



Sandra and Daniel Biskind



As I started reading this I began to think, “Hey, wait a minute…this isn’t a book.”

Sandra & Daniel make a beautiful distinction between the ego and the Divine Self and then they do more.  They actually give you the direct experience of that so you can put your ego/mind aside, you can say “Sit”, and it will sit.  And with it quiet, something deeper emerges to the fore…Your Divine Self.

As you continue reading, the high frequency of their work works on you, gently, quietly, clearly, so that more of the self you want to be in the  lead comes out. I’m finding, for example, that my long time addiction to internet news (ego addiction) is beginning to soften and break up. It’s a glorious feeling.  

Every cell in my body knows spiritual nourishment is happening.  

Then Sandra & Daniel habituate you to this ‘home frequency’ of the Divine Self so you become a beacon to others helping them undergo the same process, thereby feeding others and you as well.

Buy three copies of this book – one for you, one for someone in your life right now who needs it, and one for someone who is coming into your life who will need it.

Your Soul and their Souls will be grateful.

Martin Rutte, Founder of Project Heaven On Earth