Guilt, shame and blame…

What do you think of when you read these words?

These days, many people are filled with these low frequency thoughts.

Do you find yourself interacting with family members or others who have caused intense emotional experiences for you?

Most of us do from time to time.

Even anticipating time with people who have caused you suffering, can bring up feelings of guilt, shame and blame.

Intense emotional experiences from your past often result in controlling programs that imprint DNA. These programs are routinely passed on from one generation to the next. Whether imprinted from childhood or inherited from 10 generations back, whenever we’re in the wrong code, we automatically become their victim.

The ego mind code has literally corrupted your DNA with codes that inhibit your connection to your True Self, which is your spiritual core and infinite supply of power.

When this happens, your confidence goes out the door, replaced by feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem that results in the body, mind, and soul all suffering.

These insidious codes easily have us playing dangerous games that often result in things like unfulfilled relationships, depression and mindless addiction.

These codes don’t just ruin the day… they can ruin your entire life.

Wow! Those really are the most dangerous games we play with ourselves and each other.

Last year, we opened The ABUNDANT SOUL Community and the members there are truly finding a spiritual family they can love and rely on….

A place where they can lean on others who really see them and love them for who they are…

Each month you’ll experience two LIVE high frequency experiences that will upgrade your codes…

Brand New LIVE Meditations and Activations…

Powerful teachings…

LIVE Healing and Ascension Sessions with corrections to the emotions caused by those dysfunctional abundance codes and including meditation and transmissions of divine healing energy.

An entire year’s worth of video training, meditations and activations in your own private portal – all waiting for you RIGHT NOW!

Isn’t it time to give yourself a gift? To invest in you this holiday season? We’d love to bring you into our ABUNDANT SOUL family, unwrap your potential and share the support and love with you!

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Love Always,

Sandra and Daniel

PS. This is what people who have given themselves this gift are saying about the support and love of living in this high frequency community

“Hi Sandra and Daniel I don’t know what you’re doing for me but I’m grateful. My journey to work was long with a big delay, however I was able to stay “neutral” and didn’t engage my mind chatter. It popped up a few times but I went back to reading codebreaker instead, I’m just feeling so peaceful and energized.”

“I’m feeling much lighter and more joyful. Still integrating. Love this. Feeling very blessed. Love to everyone.”

“I’m so grateful and happy to join this community…This really is medication for the body, mind and soul. I do LOVE this work that we are doing – releasing blocks that stand in the way of our growth!”

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