Make the Most of This Day (Mindfulness)Hi Dear One,

Being mindful, understanding and keeping track of your thoughts and emotions is critical in being able to change your state.

This simple but powerful tool will raise your awareness of exactly how you’re feeling at any given moment and can help you change the way you feel from one moment to the next.

Practice this technique and make a habit of using it.

Answer the questions truthfully and spontaneously. Stay focused on the answer to question number four for as long as you can.

Use your own words and the wisdom of your own heart to answer the questions.

What am I feeling?

What am I focused on?

What do I want to feel?

What focus will that serve?

Mindfulness is the “M” in PLATINUM. Use these four questions as often as you need to in order to master mindfulness and change your state.

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Love always,

Sandra and Daniel

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