Happy Easter, Beloved:

I have just had a heart-opening moment with one of my private clients and felt compelled to share the miracle that is love with you.

My client was an emotional wreck—really suffering from a broken heart.  The feeling tone was of abandonment and betrayal. Tapping in and discovering the core issue, it was quickly obvious there was an acute need for compassion and forgiveness to heal that shattered heart and tortured soul.

A wave of such intense love washed over me that I knew I was bringing a supremely powerful frequency into our conversation. The frequency of Christ consciousness enveloped me and my client…..

…and not only the two of us. Daniel, who was working in the office, walked into the room with tears in his eyes, unable to speak. He too was overwhelmed by the all-encompassing waves of causeless love and limitless joy coming from the other end of the house.

A calm came over us and my client remembered a vision from 50 years ago.

The vision was of Jesus standing on top of a mountain with thousands of people below him. They were all lying, betraying each other, and killing and abusing each other.

Suddenly my client was looking at the crowd through the eyes of The Master and could see and feel his absolute, unconditional love for each and every one of them—no matter what they were doing.

Less than an hour later, after a huge shift, my client was able to find the compassion to forgive everyone involved in  what previously had been a heart-rending drama.

There was a physical release of emotional trauma….it felt like a heavy weight had been lifted. Life was now radiant;  the future looked lighter and brighter.

Although I am moved beyond words by the miracles that happen during these sessions, nothing can compare to the miracle that is love.

As Easter rolls around the world Daniel and I are sending you that sublime high energy frequency known as  Love.

May we all find it in our hearts to have compassion and to forgive…that we might free ourselves from the ego mind which wants to keep us separate and a victim.

So, please remember,

Love Always,

Sandra and Daniel


P.S. Please accept this gift of love from us to you!

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