Just for fun, imagine your ego mind is your new puppy.

And your puppy’s name, of course, is Ego Puppy.

When you first become aware of little Ego’s presence, you are convinced it has been roaming wild forever.

It’s hard to believe it could have learned such obnoxious behavior in only a few months.

It’s already wreaking havoc: ruining the carpet; chewing slippers, sneakers and our favorite things; stealing food; and generally upsetting the whole neighborhood with its whining and barking.

It’s overwhelming to contemplate how much there is to do in undoing little Ego Puppy’s attachment to trouble. Deep down inside, you know no one else can do it for you. (After all, it really is your ego mind we are talking about.)

So you simply must make a start.

Never lose sight of your goal…happiness

The ultimate reward is getting off the wheel of karma and that involves a whole new thought system.

Ego Puppy all too often manifests as negative mind chatter, dysfunctional thoughts and sabotage programs.

We find ourselves face to face with the very thing that created our blocks to success, and it’s our unconscious thoughts!

Things You Need to Know About Your Ego Puppy

  • Your judgments keep you on the ego mind code frequency and that’s exactly what your Ego Puppy wants…no joy here!
  • Every time you judge or feel depressed it’s your Ego Puppy seeking attention.
  • When Ego Puppy misbehaves, it is demanding to have its way.
  • When this happens you know you’ve left your heart and you’re not in touch with your True Self.
  • The ego mind will want to blame others for the fallout of pain and confusion. It is no
    longer good enough to say, “But, what did I do wrong?”

Many an Ego Puppy will be whining and screaming right now, “But what about ME?”

Why is it objecting? Perhaps a program was triggered that originated with your baby or
small child who did not get the support, cuddles, play and loving attention necessary to
have learned these important life lessons:

  • If you want to receive love then you have to give love.
  • If you want support you must be supportive.
  • If you want abundance, you must give freely to others.
  • If you want honesty and integrity in your life from partners, friends and co-workers, you have to consistently live with honesty and integrity.

As you absorb and integrate this thought system you are already making a systems upgrade.

To your Brilliance, Happiness and Success,

Love Always,

Sandra and Daniel