Are there aspects of your life you’re not at peace with?

Before you continue reading, take a moment to consider which parts of your life cause you anxiety, uncertainty or unease.

When you experience these emotions, you are not in the high frequency state of peace.

How do YOU feel when NOT in a state of peace?

Those feelings are indicators that you have unconscious programs – beliefs, ideas and stories – that need to be corrected.

STOP! Don’t skim over this question.

Think about your answer for a moment.

Peace is our natural state when we are fully connected to the True Self – it’s a state of harmony, balance and tranquility where we are fully present and automatically seek the highest good for all.

Consider a martial artist in a ready posture — fully present, undistracted, balanced, ready for anything and capable of utilizing all of their resources and resourcefulness.

That is what peace is like.

What prevents us from living in the high frequency of peace?

The core low frequency blocker to peace — unforgiveness.

It’s that simple. Not necessarily easy, but definitely simple 🙂

Unforgiveness always undermines peace of mind and thus our ability to live a PLATINUM life.

That’s mastering the high frequency, enlightened states of Peace, Love, Awareness, Trust, Integrity, Neutrality, Unity and Mindfulness .

Forgiveness is the key that opens the door to inner peace and the ability to fully connect with the love that we are.

The way the mind works is that perceptions are always projections.

The same way we process data through the eye and interpret it first via the brain and then via the mind is how we process everything.

In other words, our perceptions are always OUR interpretations, colored by our values and our programs (stories, beliefs, ideas – both conscious and unconscious) and our state, or frequency, or code.

What we think we perceive is ultimately our own story — our own projection.

And as we take radical personal responsibility for our perceptions, we realize that forgiveness is necessary to serve our own enlightened self-interest.

So, to overlook an error — our own or another’s — and turn the situation over to the True Self is enlightened self-interest; it is inviting guidance from the highest source.

Big shifts happen when we take radical personal responsibility and forgive!

We step into grace, which is the fullness of God’s love.

Is there someone in your life you haven’t forgiven yet?

Think very carefully. Ask yourself what has caused you to withhold forgiveness?

With love, forgive your projected images, and yourself for creating them.

Remember that as you judge another, your unconscious mind applies those judgments to you!!!

And above all, make the decision to trust the True Self.

Choose the strength and wisdom of the True Self, not the judgment or vindictiveness of the ego mind.

You will love the results!