Forgiveness, peace, love and joy…

How good would it feel to immerse yourself in these high frequency codes?

Imagine how different this week might be if you could wrap yourself in a white light blanket of peace…

A cozy comforter of forgiveness and love enveloping you at every moment…

How would that change this week for you?

How would that change your entire year?

Think about that for a moment.

Are you ready to feel it? You can!

Take a few deep breaths…imagine a column of white light coming in and down, filling your whole body. This is your True Self, the perfection that you are.

Say to yourself, “No matter what I have said or done, I still deserve love.”

Now apply that to everyone you know…were you expecting that?

Your natural state of Peace is sabotaged by low frequency codes of unforgiveness.

To forgive is the soul’s choice that enables us to find peace in a most uncertain world.

Is there someone in your life you haven’t forgiven yet?

It might be someone close to you or a distant acquaintance…

It might even be YOU!

Finding true inner peace in a world of hurt and pain begins with forgiveness.

Only your True Self can forgive – the ego mind pretends, but it’s still in judgment.

Start your journey into peace with this Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness.

Love Always,

Sandra and Daniel



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