Pure love is your essence. Your purpose is to grow, evolve, and have fun expressing the love that you are.

  • Love is a state and energy, not an emotion. As energy, it is the most powerful energy of the cosmos. It is the catalyst of creation and creativity and is infinitely powerful.
  • Love is the fuel of miracles.
  • At your very core, love is who you are. Love is an expression of your perfect True Self when unimpeded by ego mind programs.
  • Without love it is impossible to successfully live a PLATINUM life because more than anything else, love facilitates transformation.
  • Your divine mind code is founded on love. It is filled with authenticity, openness, transparency, acceptance, empathy and respect. It supports the development and growth of real success and happiness.
  • When you have not yet awakened to the love of your True Self, it is easy for the ego mind to fool you into believing true love is somewhere “out there.” No wonder every person at some stage has been looking for love in all the wrong places.

Everyone comes into relationships full of hope. Even with your most beloved family members you can still wonder why you end up in so much pain so often. Remember, the ego mind has hijacked you over many lifetimes. We all have programs that continually warn us how dangerous it can be to love and how futile or even dis-empowering it is to forgive and let go.

Without mastering the art of forgiveness, your relationships quickly fall by the wayside, only to be replaced by more of the same. Have you ever watched anyone go through a series of relationships, one right after another, and still end up with the same partner but in a different package? Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. When people become space fillers they are easy to replace.

Forgiveness is such a big decision it affects the whole world. The first person you must forgive is yourself. Until you experience the infinite love of the real world, it is easy to dupe yourself into believing that you are just a body and that whatever is happening is your lot in life and that you are relatively powerless to change it. But that is not the truth.

You have the power within you to change the way you think and feel about any situation. In fact your feelings are evidence of what you are thinking. Humanity lives on this glorious planet that is so bountiful and filled with so much beauty, yet like a small child accepts its parents’ authority as truthful, we fail to question the content of an ego mind that continues to imprison us via its thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, which we mistakenly believe to be our own.

Our programs condition us and act like prison bars and chains that have us shut tight in our own little world. Far be it for anyone to challenge what the ego mind believes to be true. It automatically rejects ideas foreign to its experience of life and readily finds others guilty of disagreeing with it, imprisoning them in cells even smaller than our own.

Have you ever experienced that uneasy feeling that comes after you have been talking negatively about another person? Once you have played at being judge and jury over yourself and others, you are still not happy and wonder why. Did you know that when you judge another person, your unconscious mind applies that same judgment to you? This is why the saying, “When you point a finger at someone else, there are three pointing back at you,” is true not only physically but psychologically as well.

When you use the master password to set yourself free, you access the divine mind code, which facilitates becoming neutral, dissolving the bars of your self-created prison. Use the information mystics and scientists alike offer you about the workings of the body, brain, and heart to help you realize your full potential. Break free of the ego mind code that keeps its prison doors tightly locked, walking in circles of self-righteousness with little joy and not much love.

Join us in living a PLATINUM life where you have the power to forgive and to live as the best version of you!

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Love louder, stronger and without constraint!

Sandra and Daniel xxx


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