Are you ready to be the love that you are?

Or, do you keep telling yourself stories that are fabrications and projections?

screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-11-32-04-amLike so many people who are looking for love and validation from outside, we too have said and done things in the past that not only didn’t serve us on any level and really undermined us on every level!

Have you ever done or said something because you thought it was what other people wanted to hear? That is often caused by an unconscious program or story running behind your back that sounds like some variation of, “I’m not enough.”

Stories and programs like this consistently undermine your success. No matter how hard you have worked on your tool set, your skill set and your rational mind set, that story is still locked into your neural pathways and your DNA. It might have come from your parents, siblings, teachers, ancestors, or even past lives. But no matter where these stories or ideas originate (like, you are not worthy of love, or success) they all act like glass walls restricting your ability to live the best version of you.

You know when you are telling a story because it feels uncomfortable and you feel physically weak. It is time to get free from these unconscious blocks that no longer serve you.

The truth is you are a PLATINUM being. That is, you are a perfect divine being of light in a physical body trying to cope with all the limiting beliefs of the ego mind.

When you understand the truth you automatically begin to live with the higher imperatives of the divine mind. And that is where real success happens!

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Love always,

Daniel and Sandra Biskind

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