It’s all about you!

Meditation is all about you. It is a personal journey into your heart where you get to rest and re-balance. Where you can spend a few minutes to catch your breath from the frequently overwhelming world you live in.

By immersing YOURSELF in the high powered activations to PLATINUM the benefits of guided meditation are countless:

It's all about you!

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How to feel better in 4 easy steps!

A few weeks ago I accidentally spilled a cup of coffee onto my computer. Wow, what a mess and what a costly spill!

There was the obvious instant damage but that only got worse as the hard drive had been compromised and became more corrupted over time.

That is how your ego mind works. You make or […]

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Want more joy, vitality and love in your life?

Meditation is the answer!

Are you longing for happiness, love or possibly a greater sense of purpose? Are you dealing with stress, health issues or the feeling that your life is simply out of control?

There is a place you can […]

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Why go to a live event?

Transformation is multi-dimensional.  It happens on many different levels of our existence.  Often we are not aware of how the energy of an individual or a group is effecting our whole being – mentally, emotionally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Live events can be a way to up-level your life to live from the grace of […]

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What Are You Feeling?

What are you feeling? Principle 6 in The Success Principles is “Use the Law of Attraction.”

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What Are You Thinking?

So, what are you thinking? In Jack Canfield’s magnum opus, The Success Principles, the number one priority is to take 100% percent responsibility for your life. It’s the perfect opening chapter and the perfect first principle.

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